Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Three Weeks With Caroline

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.

We picked up Caroline three weeks ago today. I thought I'd give you an update concerning her transition into our family. Be prepared for cuteness overload. 

I am smitten with this kitten. 
I took her to the vet last week. She thinks that Caroline isn't a year old yet. She changed her age on her chart to 9 months based on her size and the way she acts. Bill and I thought she was still a kitten too.
She got a clean bill of health. She had no ear mites or nasty parasites and she is caught up on her shots.  

She is sleeping pretty well. At first she wanted to be touching either Bill or I to fall asleep. 
She is napping independently but is still sleeping with us at night.

She is like a small child and gets cranky when it is nap time. 

I was concerned how a new cat would get along with Dixie. 

They are getting along pretty well. They have had a few tense moments but Dixie has handled our new family member with ease. Dixie won't admit it but there has been a little jealousy. 

She seems to enjoy Caroline. After we lost Ringo, Dixie just slept all of the time. 
Caroline has caused Dixie to engage a little more. This was very unexpected but we're happy about it. I hope it will help Dixie stay more youthful and playful. 

Caroline has gotten into her fair share of trouble. 

She's scared me a time or two. 

She makes us laugh. 

She doesn't have a problem riding in the car. 
I was very concerned about this. Ringo didn't seem to mind it but all our other cats hated the car. 
We head to the new house almost every weekend so this was super important.
 It was such a relief that she is a good traveler. 

She meows a little at first but then settles down for a nap. 
She doesn't want me to drive so Bill is doing all the driving. 

I'm sure taking her to another house was confusing but she sniffed around the new house and then settled right in, 
She quickly found a favorite spot for a nap. 

She loves the screened in porch. 

I mean, who doesn't love a good screened in porch? 

 Caroline acts like she has never been outside. All of our other were inside and outside cats. This worked well with all the coming and going that occurred with our family of five. All of our felines enjoyed long lives except for one orange tabby.  
So far I am not letting her out without a harness and leash. Bill let her out once to roam the backyard. 
When we brought her back inside, she immediately wanted to go back out. I'm not sure an inside cat with limited outside privileges works. I still need to do some research but for now she is staying inside. 
It has rained most of the last month, anyway. It's too wet and muggy to be outside. 
It's time to say 'hello' to the mosquitoes. 

Bill had to make a door that locked for the dog door. 
Dixie hates going out in the rain to potty anyway so she hasn't missed the dog door. 

I love this kitty. She is perfectly snuggly which I really missed when we lost Ringo.
It's like all our former pets got together to send us a perfect little kitten. 
We feel very blessed that Caroline has fit right into our little family unit. 
That's about it for now. 
I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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