Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Bed In The Main Bedroom/My Dilemma

Hello, Friends, 
How are you? I hope you are doing well. 
I've wanted a new look for my bedroom for a while. I've been over the look of the bed. 
Are people supposed to buy furniture that lasts a lifetime? What is wrong with me that I like change so much? 
Are we flooded with media images that cause a need for new? 
Here are some photos of our bedroom over the years. 

We bought this bed in 2009. Craftsman Style was popular at the time. A lodge look was popular as well. The flyer that came with it had it photographed in a log home. 
It's never really looked like that in our home. I was attracted to it because it had a slight Victorian flare. Dark and heavy beds were very popular. It sort of reminded me of the one from my childhood which was made by my great grandfather. 

I liked our new bed but it was never love. Our room is weird with the window to the side because it always looks slightly off center. The dark and heaviness of it highlights this feature. 

We purchased the matching nightstands but the quality was terrible. 
My veneer top bubbled horribly after setting a glass on it three times. 
We got rid of them a couple of years ago. 

The quality of this isn't great and it has a painted stain effect instead of just stain.

In January, I painted the walls and the ceiling in our room. I'd scraped the popcorn a long time ago, but I'd never painted the ceiling. It was overdue for a paint job. Painting the room cleaned everything up but the big, brown bed was still bothering me.
 That oversized look is out and beds have since shrunk back down to appropriate proportions. 
I expressed to Bill that I desired to change it. I'd normally just go out and buy a new but we just bought the new house. 

This is our third bed.   
Our first bed belonged to my parents. It was in an early American style that was popular in the 50s and 60s. We bought our next door neighbor's blond four poster bed shortly after we bought this house. 
I'd always wished it was mahogany or cherry.
 Light furniture was out of style and dark furniture was still in when we bought this one in 2009. 
This bed was supposed to last us the rest of our lives. 
Bill thought we should just sell it but he didn't really understand my need for something different.  

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with some friends. 
They bought their oversized, dark bed about the same time that we bought this one. As we caught up, they told us about their bedroom redecoration. They'd pulled up the carpet and had done wood-look tile. They took the theirs apart to do the floor and decided it wasn't going back into the room. 
They wanted a new look. 
When I saw that they had a new one, I pointed it out to Bill. 
He was open to the idea of getting something new. 
 I've surfed Facebook Marketplace. I've shopped my thrift store. I've looked at hundreds of images on Pinterest trying to find a something that I like. The beds in my favorite images are a light color or they are white. Most of the painted examples have more ornate carving than ours. Ours has farmhouse lines so I have looked at every one that looks remotely farmhouse. 
I've shopped for new. I'd like something metal but I think that look may already be someone dated and the reviews for the one I liked weren't that great.  Upholstered varieties are very popular but I didn't see any that I loved. 
I did find one that I love. It is the Beauvier King in French Blue. 
It is $3299.00. 
That is not happening. 
For the last couple of days, I have mulled over all the options. 
I think I need to pull out a can of paint and just go for it. 
What do I have to lose? 
If we don't like it, we are back to square one. I think, however, that I will like it. 
I hope Bill does. 

The first coat is always so scary. 
I'll be back with the reveal and Bill's reaction.
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. You are very brave. You can do it. I think it will be gorgeous. Keep us posted!

  2. I vote to paint it. Just a thought, white may make it look larger. Really enjoy your blog. Joyce in Houston.

  3. Good Luck Katie. I cannot wait to see how this comes out. xoxo Kris

  4. I still have my parents' bed, too. It's OK. But old and worn. I can't bear to paint the wood. I will look forward to seeing how this comes out -- that's a brave step!