Friday, May 21, 2021

Cottage Style In The Main Bedroom

Hello, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea because this one is wordy. 

Is your life getting back to normal? We are getting there. Bill is back in the office three days a week and I'm having to re-learn how to entertain myself. Last week the new kitty kept me busy. 
This week the bed got a makeover. 

You can read about my bed dilemma in this post
I love our bedroom out in East Texas so much that it made me realize that I didn't love our bedroom at home. We spend more time at home than we do out at the new house, so our room needed a refresh. The paint was old and dingy so the walls and ceiling got repainted in January. I took the chaise out last week and I love how it's opened up the space. The pink velvet chair belonged to Bill's Granny Vi. 

I still didn't love the bed. 
Bill and I resumed talks about painting the bed.  If I think about it, I've wanted to paint this for about five years. That would have been a steadfast, "No." according to Bill. I should have pushed the issue by pinning images of white beds. Bill isn't able to visualize so he needs to see a picture in order to give the okay. The other day, he finally said that he didn't know why he was doubting me. My projects usually end up looking fine. I've gotten a lot of grief from family and friends for painting my furniture. I have never regretted painting anything. I've regretted not doing a better job on a couple of pieces but that was before the chalk paint method was figured out. Our more valuable antiques were never painted. I've even refinished one of the pieces that I painted in 2013. 
I went around and around about what color to paint our bed frame. 
We talked about black but black wouldn't shrink it in size. The oversized look of this piece really bothered me. A French gray seemed very appealing but there is nothing else gray in the room. 
The dresser and the mantel are both white. The other furniture is a mid-tone brown.
 The bed didn't even match the other furniture very well. 
The bed was going white. 

Chalk paint was my preferred paint choice for several reasons. 
We have a Sleep Number mattress. I'm always afraid to move it so that we don't dislodge or break the pump mechanism. We needed something that would dry quickly so that we could go to bed at the end of the day. We needed a paint that would cover the finish without sanding. I wasn't about to sand the wood on this. Painting the bed with the mattress in place was the plan. Bill hates to paint so this was a bit unfathomable to him. It's also why he was resistant to painting it. 
I love painting. I love the details and lines that appear once something is coated in white. 

The first coat always makes it look like I've made a terrible mistake. 

The image below shows two coats on the headboard and three on the footboard. 
I was loving it already. 

It took four coats of chalk paint with a few touch ups. 

Bill had a work dinner so there was plenty of time for it to dry and style. 

He commented that the lines and shadows are more noticeable since it's white.
He liked it with the mantel.  
He said it was like sleeping in heaven. 
He's never had a near death experience so I'm not sure how he knows what sleeping in heaven is like. 
He says funny things sometimes.  

The chunky posts on the footboard remind me of my grandfather's old bed. 

The lines of the headboard are so fun. I love them. 

My preferred style of bedding always competed with the brown bed. 

Our white bedding is always a foundation for a quilt and some needlepoint pillows. 
It makes it easy to switch out for the different seasons. 
Ralph Lauren's bedding was always a favorite of mine. This look always reminds me of his older bedding sets.  

The needlepoint pillows were made from completed canvases purchased from eBay. 
The quilt was a recent Pottery Barn Outlet purchase. 
I've eyed it for a year but I wanted the King size. Even with the discount the price seemed a little high. 
On my last few visits they didn't have the King anymore. 
I thought since it was going to go across the foot of the bed that the Queen would be fine. I'd seen that a couple of my blogging friends had picked it up. I finally decided to just go ahead and get it the next time I saw it. It was 40% off the day I popped in. The gal rang it up and it rang up lower than 40% off. I'm not the best at math but I can figure out shopping percentages. Ha. I mentioned that the price didn't seem correct. She thanked me for my honesty. She put it in again. Same thing. "I thought, "Great. It's been here a while, so it's got a bigger discount." Pottery Barn doesn't work that way, though. She turned around to talk to her manager in order to find out what was happening. 
The manager said that the 40% was already programmed in and that my sales associate put in an additional 40% off. 
She asked what to do about it. The manager looked at me and said, "Nothing." "You just got a really good deal." 
Common tradition used to be that price discrepancies always went in favor of the customer. That isn't the case anymore. My conscience really would have bothered me, if I knew it wasn't ringing up correctly and I kept silent. I would not have been able to enjoy the quilt. It was nice in this incidence that they gave it to me for the lower price. It made my day.  

 Cottagecore, formerly known as Cottage Style, is currently gaining favor.
 Our newly repainted bed leans toward Cottage Style rather than Farmhouse Style. I expected it to look more Farmhouse and I'm happy that it doesn't. 

It appears smaller which is what I wanted. 

I love, love, love it! 
Which is way more than love. 

I'm so glad this is done! 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Wow, what a difference painted your bed white made! I love it too! Your Pottery Barn quilt looks fabulous on the bed too and what a bargain you got! Beautiful room!!


  2. It looks fantastic! Do you have a source for the white coverlet?

    1. I got the coverlet at Tuesday Morning. They occasionally have matelasse. I hope you are able to find something.

  3. I love it, Katie. And you picked the perfect quilt -- the pop of color warms the room while keeping it light and fresh. And what a deal! I know what you mean -- I would have felt guilty if I didn't say anything either! Well done!

  4. I like it much better white. You did a great job.

  5. Katie, I always thought your bedroom always looked pretty but with the white bed now it is a gorgeous, dramatic change. Love it with your linens..xxoJudy

  6. It's gorgeous Katie; you did a wonderful job! The white is perfect for those lovely lines. It makes the already room look huge. Love love love the quilt on the bottom; you got a super deal!