Thursday, July 15, 2021

Some Thoughts

How are you?
I hope you are well. I've been thinking about some stuff and I thought I'd bring you along.
I'll show you the current deck situation at the house in town.  I spruced it up last week because it needed a deep cleaning. I also have some photos of the yard. 

I love Pinterest. Have you ever clicked on a pin which lead to a blog that you've never seen before? 
This happened not too long ago. I wanted to read more so I clicked on the header. 
The last blog post was 2014 or something. What struck me was that there was no explanation as to why the blogger stopped blogging. This has happened more than once. There is usually a large gap in between blog posts with a "long time no see" sort of intro. Which tells me that the blogger lost interest and intended to get back to blogging but never did. They are probably on Instagram, however.   
If I decide to stop blogging, I will be sure to let you know. 
Lately, I have been thinking about stopping. 

I have just felt overwhelmed and discouraged. 
I've stopped doing any blog hops which is pretty freeing. I don't link to many parties anymore because I don't know of that many. 
My so called "good camera" just isn't acting right. If I'm honest, it never really took pictures that were that great. I've had it since 2013 so maybe it's time for a new one? 

I was contacted by a magazine last winter. We went through the motions for them to use some pictures and feature a project that I did last year. Nothing ever came of it. 

Back to feeling overwhelmed. 
The other house is almost stocked with everything that we need. We've had some stuff that doesn't seem to have a home at either place. So all that is getting donated. The country house has room in the cupboard and closets which is lovely. It is almost like that has room to breathe. That house got a good makeover top to bottom and I leave it clean every Sunday. This house is clean too but not as clean as the other house. We've lived here almost 28 years. Stuff sneaks up on you. The dog does a big shedding poof as we load up the truck on Fridays. She is afraid we'll forget her. Those tufts of hair are always in the entryway upon our return which makes the house feel messy. Frustrating when I left a clean house two hours earlier. 

Our primary house has more clutter and that clutter feels overwhelming at times.
 I've been cleaning out cupboards and closets and making piles in the garage for the thrift store.  
Hopefully, soon the house in town will have plenty of breathing room too. 
We spent years looking for a house so there was a little hoarding of treasures going on. It's nice to see those treasures moved out of here and into the new place. Some stuff didn't work, however. It takes me a minute to reconcile the notion that certain decor items don't work at either location. 
It is time to let them go. It feels wasteful but I hope someone else can use what we didn't.

I'm a collector. Antiquing or junking is relaxation to me. In order to do that and do it well, I need to trade up or rotate new things in and out. I like finding treasures. 
Do I need the silver gravy boat that may only get used once a year? Why don't I use the china gravy boat that can also function as decor in a china closet instead? 

Am I really complaining about having two houses? It kind of sounds like it doesn't it. 
That is the reality of it, though. I dreamt that I went back to teaching. I told Bill about it and he said "No!" 
I don't have time to go back to work. I clean here and there. I pull weed here and there. One of the best things we did was get a washer and dryer out in East Texas so we can do some laundry out there too. 
I suspect that I'm doing too much. I want that place to be picture perfect.
I need to dial it back and let it take time. 
We are very blessed. We planned for this for a long time. I hope that I've enjoyed the process. I need to chill out and let there be dog hair. 

I say that I want to stop blogging but then there is always the urge to tell you all about something.  
My plan going forward is to blog when I feel like it and let go of the notion that I have to have a blog post on a schedule. 

Enough of that pity party. Now for more pictures of the yard. 

We had black and green decor on the deck. I have so much green out in East Texas that I felt blue was a nice change. 

All the pot were stored in the green house. 

They are fun and summery.

Walmart had precut two yard fabric lengths by Waverly. The blue and white stripe is perfect for our favorite chairs. I just covered the old cushion. 

The floral pillows were from IKEA a few years ago. I made the blue and white check pillows out of fabric that I found at the thrift store. 

The platter belonged to my dad's grandmother. It was broken and has been glued back together. It's great for the outside because it's already damaged. 
We have had a pretty pleasant summer so I do get to sneak out every now and then. 
It make the new kitty very angry, however since she doesn't get to be outside. 

Tell me what you think in the comments below. 
Speaking of comments, I accidentally deleted a months worth because I had comment moderation turned on. 
I was not happy! 
That is all for now. 





  1. Hi Katie,
    I have been following you for a while. I don't comment, but thought I would because I don't want you to quit blogging. I enjoy your posts and can relate to a lot of them. I think we all get overwhelmed at times for different reasons. It's o.k. just do what makes you happy. I don't post everyday anymore. I use to, but now some days I don't really have anything to share. I have decided the blog is more of a journal for me. I can go back and see what was happening and remember those things with pictures. Also, I hope the kids can one day read the blog and remember those times too! I have enjoyed all the years I have done this and it is fun to find other bloggers with similar interests. I love your houses and goodies you collect. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your garden. It would be very hard to keep up with to homes. I cant keep up with one home, lol. Gardening relaxes me, I also love to thrift. But finding a place for the items I thrift is challenging for me. I really enjoy your content on your blog. Thank you

  3. Oh I do hope you won't get tired and stop writing your columns. I so enjoy everything about them. I love all your energy to take care of both places and I enjoy seeing your antiques and all the projects you both have completed.

  4. Of all the blogs I follow, yours is my favorite. It's so real. You tell of your ups and downs. (I feel like a stalker saying that). I have stopped reading several blogs as they got so commercialized.

  5. Katie, your posts always seem like a heart-felt conversation. One that doesn't need a particular schedule (although I'd like to see Keep in Touch continue!) Relax and enjoy the process as well as the result.

  6. Hi Katie,
    I really enjoy your beautiful blog. I always find inspiration when I visit- sorry for not commenting before. Hope that you continue to blog as you bring beauty and creativity to share with all. You feel like a lovely friend!

  7. Hi Katie,
    I get like that too where I think I want to stop blogging. Now that we downsized to a condo I feel like there is not a whole lot of decor to show and changes. I say that and then have things I want to show lol! I think we all feel that from time to time. I have been blogging for almost 12 years and I have made so many wonderful friendships so that is what keeps me going even if I do not see the big numbers reading anymore. I guess you just need to stay with it if it makes you happy and if it feels too overwhelming then stop and take a break for a little while. I enjoy your blog very much. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  8. Hi, I enjoy your blog posts and am glad there aren't so many of them! I am not a blogger, but it seems like it would be exhausting to come up with new content a few times a week or everyday the way some bloggers do. I follow a lot of bloggers, but I've developed the habit of reading the title and deciding if it pertains to me at all. Perhaps a good, long break is what you need to help you make up your mind.

  9. I tried to blog years ago, but quit after a couple of posts because of how much work it was - that said, I sure hope you don't stop, because I enjoy your posts so much! I'm a fellow Texan (hill country, between Wimberley and Blanco), I've especially enjoyed seeing the transformation of your country home. Take a break as needed, then please come back to us :-)

    1. Katie, it's no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. You haven't stopped since you bought your new home. I just think you are very tired. Take some time to enjoy yourself and quit worrying about having everything perfect. We are going to love you whether you or your home are perfect or not! I really hope you don't stop blogging. I can imagine how much work that must entail. Maybe you should just take a little break. But please come back. You're my favorite!

  10. I know the feeling of feeling overwhelmed. As a collector and seller of vintage/antique wares, the waves come often. When we downsized 2 yrs ago, I really felt like I'd not get myself into that mess again. The recent passing of my sister's husband has driven that point home to many of us in our big family, esp those who've lived in their homes many yrs. But I still love the hunt, the joy in the history of things, and making pretty placement of things gathered. I'm a little embarrassed that my favorite and most extensive collection of antique beaded and mesh purses are still sitting in boxes since we moved. It somewhat keeps me in check as to keeping since they consume storage space now. We thought several yrs ago we wanted a second home but it never happened, and I am actually relieved over that. As for blogging, I've always felt fairly free of commitment, but I also think I'd let readers know when I stop. Hang in there, let your feelings slow cook, and see how you feel in a few months. You've been super busy making it all happen. I hope you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  11. I feel a little overwhelmed these days so I get exactly what you mean. There is so much to do at home -- repairing/repainting the ceiling from the recent leak by the chimney, cleaning and more cleaning -- deep down, not just the stuff that most people can see -- and purging to donate or sell or give away. And then there's Rick's recovery (which is going well), my own med stuff and what am I doing? Spending the summer at the cottage where I should be doing much of the same but mostly reading, painting and blogging. I hate it when blogs just quit with no explanation. I will never do that and really should give Rick a back-up post in case I just drop one day unexpectedly!

    I'm a collector, too. It can be a problem -- but when you mentioned the once-a-year gravy boat, I am reminded of many once-a-year things in my basement. Part of me thinks I wasted the Covid year but my goal last year was to keep sane, and I did. It's a dilemma, to be sure, but you aren't alone in it, if that makes any difference at all!

  12. PS -- I hope you don't stop blogging soon. And on another blogging note, people who blog every day or so sometimes drive me nuts because with all I read, I can't keep up with them. I've cut back to two, maybe three posts a week, if there is something to say -- and only doing a couple of link ins regularly (Let's Keep in Touch being one of them).

  13. Hi Katie,
    Please don't stop blogging! I enjoy your posts and seeing what you are doing out in East Texas. I love the blue and white for summer and the kitty is growing. She is so cute! Take a break and relax but keep posting. Have a great week!

  14. Oh Katie I get. I understand but I too would miss your blog.

    I enjoy reading about your East Texas home.

  15. missed you tonight, friend! please don't ever feel like you're not relevant or missed. we all enjoy our conversations with you and your perspective on life. take care and unwind. know you're thought of and prayed for.

  16. I fully understand the blog frustration. I enjoy your blog very much and seeing your collections and and projects. I have been blogging 12 years but only blog once a week now and that works well for me. I'd miss all the people who comment frequently on my blog and who feel like old friends that way. Do what makes you happy in the end! X0

  17. Katie,
    I went through this about 2-3 months ago when I was just tired and not sure if I wanted to keep blogging...I was doing 3 posts a week on a schedule which was a bit daunting..I now cut back to 2 posts a week and I post on Sundays and Wednesdaya. I am a person that needs a schedule or a To Do List or I would never get anything done...I feel better cutting back to two posts, I have fun doing those posts and my comments and the number of those looking at those posts have also gone up...quite a bit, I may add.. I find blogging to be my stress reliever because it is a place where I can express myself and I also like to write..I can imagine that you may feel overwhelmed with 2 homes. I actually thought you were buying the one out in the Country and going to sell the city one... Hats off to you...I could not manage 2 homes and knowing me, I would be at one home thinking about what I need to do at the other one, never really enjoying myself.... But that is me....I enjoy reading your blog and I do hope that you will continue......

  18. I very much enjoy your blog. Your photos and conversations and descriptions are just a joy.
    Sending you good thoughts and happy summer wishes. xo, V

  19. As someone who just discovered your blog I am so glad you didn't stop writing.
    I am enjoying reading backwards through your posts :) Love your style and your everyday-gal approach to things. You've inspired me to display more of the little treasures I have. I have a little white dish with 3 birds on the edge of a bird bath. I always thought it was a soap dish not a display item. But I've never used it for anything. And then I saw you had a little greenish bowl with a bird on the edge in one of your displays and I thought, "why not", right?
    It's now on my table and I love it.
    All because of you. Thanks for blogging!