Saturday, July 24, 2021

Late Summer Sunflower Inspiration

Hello, Friends,
How are you? I hope this finds you healthy and well.

There comes a day during every summer where the temperature reaches a certain degree and that is it for me. I long for fall weather. That day came a week or so ago. I thought East Texas would be a little cooler than our house in town but the humidity makes the temperature difference insignificant. In an attempt to rush the cooler weather, I engaged in a little late summer decorating.  
Sunflowers and other yellow flowers are creeping into the vignettes. 

I've been smitten by the sweet brown eyed Susans that line the highway and dot our property out in East Texas. We've been able to pick them weekly for an arrangement for our screened in porch. They are so fun and cheerful and they dry well too. The pop of yellow echos the sunflowers that are blooming in my raised beds. 
I'll try to keep my chatter to a minimum and you can enjoy some late summer sunflower inspiration. 
A few little brown eyed Susans will be sprinkled in as well. 

Sunflowers and touch of brown transferware congregate on the shelves of the dish dresser. 
The garden room is my favorite place for a bit of seasonal decorating so it got the largest concentration of stuff. 

Hobby Lobby has several different styles of sunflowers. The year round sunflowers were $11.99 before a 50% discount. The fall sunflowers were $12.99 and they are currently 40% off. The only difference seems to be a minuscule amount of autumnal color on the petals.  The leaves are a different green and look more olive than bright green. This was a no brainer. I went with the bunches that were $11.99 regular price. I try to buy when they are on sale which is every other week. Dollar tree also has sunflowers sometimes. They aren't bad looking for a dollar. There were some bunches of brown eyed Susans. They were $5.99 regular price. 

 I always prefer real flowers but sunflowers don't last long enough. Faux is the way to go for just everyday decorating but I'll spring for the real thing if we are entertaining. 

The dining room got a few bits of decor. 

The corn teapot belonged to Bill's Granny Vi. 

We found the little painting in Florence. We got an apple from the same artist. I stuck them away when we got home from Italy and forgot about them. What a fun souvenir. 

A few vintage chickens were called into service. 

Hobby Lobby had the cute sunflower cocktail napkins. 

The rooster ornament came from Italy two years ago. 

I searched the internet for old graphics. Popping a graphic print in an antique frame gives it instant age. 
It is one of my favorite sunflower graphics.

That is about it for now. 
Come back to see the countertop progress at our country house. 
It's going well but it's a bit more finicky then we thought it would be. 
See you soon. 


  1. pretty, pretty. Sunflower time and you're reading my mind. I love all the wonderful prints! so glad to see you post, Katie. Try to stay cool.

  2. I love all your sunflower decor vignette. Very pretty Katie. Have a good week and stay cool. xoxo Kris

  3. Sunflowers are so cheerful, Katie! They are a sure sign of late summer here in the northeast. Different subject - I trying to convert the blogs I follow from RSS feeds to email subscriptions since I see those in a more timely way. Do you have a Follow by Email option?

  4. I'm such a sucker for sunflowers. They are one of my very favorites and we should start seeing them in another few weeks. They looks darling, all the different ways you have used them in your home. I love each and every photo!