Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Shopping For Faux Sunflowers At Hobby Lobby

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are staying well. 
It's August which means that it's sunflower time around here. 

I love adding a pop of yellow to my late summer decor. Sunflowers are my favorite way to incorporate some yellow. 
Flower gardens are reaching the peak of maturity. Sunflowers stand tall in the heat of the summer. They are readily available at the grocery store but grocery store sunflowers do not last long enough for me. I like my flowers to last a week, at least. The stems get soggy too soon and the heavy blossoms start to droop. 
You know that I love fresh flowers but dealing with soggy stems is not my favorite thing to do.

Realistic looking faux flowers is the way to go but are they easy to find? 
Flower stems, bushes, and garlands were on sale at Hobby Lobby so I had a look around. 
I took some photos of good late summer/fall flowers to share with you. 

Yellow Sunflower Stem  #771725 is $3.99. The orange around the seed head make this a good candidate for summer into fall decorating. The leaf is a little lackluster though. It is one of the most affordable stems when it is half off. 

#384040 is a wonderful stem. The seeds look very realistic to me. The petals have a nice darker streak. 
The leaves are good on this one but this stem is a bit on the pricy side at $7.99. 

#619618 is a late summer cutie. It is $4.99 regular price. 

If yellow is not your thing, they have some options is other colors. I
 stick to colors that would be found in nature. 

There are white sunflowers in nature. Is the color of #5006523 real looking? I don't know. 
The petals are very pretty and this stem would transition well into fall. It's also $7.99. 

All of these are about the size of a grocery store sunflower. These aren't the giant sunflowers. Hobby Lobby has some of those too and they are $29.99. 

I picked up a few in red. I planted some red sunflower seeds in my raised beds but they didn't come up. 
#5041819 was found in the aisle with the pumpkin picks. It was $4.99. Fall is currently 40% off. 

They had some good flower bunch options. 

This white bunch with some berries, leaves, and a pumpkin and three sunflowers was $14.99. 
A good value when 40%. I did get one of these and took the pumpkin off until later in the fall. 

#645069 are the ones that I bought for the porch in East Texas. I've cut off stems to use here and there in arrangements. I think that there are eight blossoms on the bunch. Their regular price is $11.99. When they are half off, they are a very affordable option. They are sold out on the website, however. The "email me" has worked for me in the past if you are interested this bunch. 

 Dollar Tree had a decent looking sunflowers two years ago. 

The last time I went into a Dollar Tree, it looked like some sort of post pandemic apocalypse.
My stores didn't have much in stock for fall yet. bv

I used to decorate my classroom in sunflowers. Bill and the kids would bring a bouquet of them when they would stop by my classroom during open house. The vase of flowers was there to greet the families on the first day of school. The atmosphere was always full of hope and excitement about the new school year. 
I still get that feeling in August as sunflower decor is dotted around our space. 
Fall is right around the corner and hope and excitement is in the air.  
That's all for now. 
Keep well, 


  1. I believe if you are going to use faux flowers, they need to be good ones. And it looks like you have both method and a wonderful choice. I love your vignettes, Katie -- and the beautiful blooms, too!

  2. I've been getting my sunflowers out too. I'm hoping to get by HL soon because I want more of the mum bushes from last year? wondering if you saw any of them yet. Real mums unfortunately haven't been very pretty or affordable lately. Somehow seeing sunflowers out really gets me ready for anything "Fall"!

  3. Hi Katie. I have always felt that August should be called Sunflower Summer. They are so cheerful and get me in the mood for fall, which doesn't take much these days. All your arrangements are so pretty and I can't wait to get mine started..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  4. Pretty, funny thing, our food store flowers last week's.

    I'm not kidding, every flower brought lasts 2 or 2.5 week's.

    They last longer than florists flowers by far