Friday, July 30, 2021

Christmas In July At Decorator Warehouse

I think I've told you before that we have the most amazing Christmas store right around the corner from us.
Typically, I stop by in August but when I got in the car this morning, my radio station was playing Christmas music. How fun is that? It put me in the mood for a tiny bit of Christmas. 
Additionally, the temperature inside the Christmas store is always frigid which is delightful when it is 98° outside. 
This store always has amazing "over the top" displays. I thought I'd share some them and some trends with you as July wanes to an end. 

A pink and aqua Candy Land type of display sets the tone for the entry.  

A giant gum drop garland drapes across the mantel. 

This would work in my kitchen with my current aqua valances. Some pink items are still in my collection from 2015. Pink was hard to find that year.  If I need anything, I know where to go. 

It's darling and very whimsical. 

A coordinating tree is on display around the corner. 

Mrs Claus' kitchen was right next to Candy Land. 

I am in love with those gingham curtains. 

Gingerbread items are perfect for this area. 

They used the back side of the window and curtain in a different display with an elf theme. 
Traditional red and white Santa Claus items could be found in this area. 

The staircase is a feature every year. 
Santa adds one more ornament to the elf tree at the top of the stairs. 

A nutcracker stands as tall as the warehouse ceiling. 

The red and blue color scheme is interesting and different.  
Nutcrackers were trending last year in a big way.
I've been tempted to try and paint my own but I'm not a huge nutcracker fan.  

There was some gorgeous blue, white and silver going on. 

There was not a lot of farmhouse decor. 
I also didn't see a lot of bird decor or woodland which are two favorites themes of mine. 

Santa's pick up truck has been gone for the last two years. 

I loved seeing it. 
The wall of chicken feeders is gone too. 

I didn't see any red pick up truck decor. I guess that trend has gone by the wayside. 

They do so much to keep it fresh and new every year. 
Customers can buy the display trees, garlands and wreaths when they close the store in March. 
I think they all take vacation and then begin decorating for the Christmas to come. 
I love seeing what is new each summer when they open. 

I didn't get photos but there was some very glamorous gold, red and gold, green and red, 
There was even some copper, green and gold. Items that evoke nostalgia still seem very prevalent which is understandable after the last year and a half. 

I wasn't tempted by anything Christmas this time. 

I was a little more interested in what they had for fall. 
My fall stuff is a little tired and rumply looking. A Texas summer in a plastic tote isn't kind to decor items. We don't keep mine in the attic because stuff might melt. Even in the garage it's really hot.  My wreath was especially awful and now we have two doors to decorate. 

A fun apple pick was in the bargain section. I'm quite sure these will sell out. 
I love it so I got five of them. 

I have zero restraint when it comes to sunflower stuff. 

I also bought a new mug for my Saturday coffee. 

A fun sign will go on my East Texas porch. 
I can't wait to decorate it for fall. 
It was late October when we closed so the porch didn't get to live it's best fall life. 

I thought Bill and I could make some wood slice pumpkins. 

The galvanized pick up was just so cute. 
I spy some black and white buffalo check. Hobby Lobby still had a lot of that too. 
The orange check ribbon is a fun twist on the buffalo check trend. 

That is all for now. 
August is sunflower season at our house. 
I did some shopping last week so I'll be back with a post sharing some of my favorite sunflower options from Hobby Lobby. 

Here's one more look at the gigantic Nutcracker. 
There is usually too much to take in on one trip. I'll be back to look again when I need a little Christmas. 

Here's a look at Christmas 2016


  1. I said last year I wasn’t going to buy any new Christmas decor. We did have to replace our tree because too many lights began to fail. Seeing this post makes me excited to start planning for Christmas. My husband and I are 75 now and we do need to pare down. But I love Christmas!

  2. so much fun stuff. I'm in Fall mode right now, but my mind is toying with Christmas. Sometimes in a store like that I get overwhelmed. That's when it takes an extra trip or another round or 2 in the store. Have a good weekend, Katie!

  3. Wow! This place is fantastic! Love Mrs. Claus' kitchen. Yes, I am in late summer decorating here and transitioning to fall in a few weeks. I hope the red truck trend is not over. I have a bunch of it. HaHa!

  4. Hi, Katie,
    I drove by Decorator's Warehouse today to-and-from my visit to a nearby dentist. My sister asked about doing a quick walk-thru on the way home, but with my ailing tooth infection, I didn't feel like it. I will wait until it is a little cooler. Thanks for giving me a preview!


  5. Katie,
    OMG!! I would be in there every day!! Amazing!! LOVE Mrs. Claus Kitchen!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. I would go absolutely bonkers. I love the Candy Land best, I think - even though my house doesn't really adapt itself all that well to the pink and fluffy. But oh, it's so magical! And I loved the Mrs. Claus kitchen. It looks like they don't have a lot of rustic this year but I guess I have enough. I have so much Christmas, I shouldn't be allowed to buy more without giving some away! Michigan has the largest Christmas store in the world, Bronner's, but it isn't nearly so charming. Not charming that much at all. THIS is what I call a perfect Christmas store!

  7. This place looks amazing. Yes, I am guilty of sharing Christmas in July this year.

    I think it's the Hallmark channels fault and I'm sticking with it