Monday, August 23, 2021

The Baker's Rack Decorated For Early Fall

Hi, Friends,
I hope you are well.
It took me years to find this baker's rack. I finally found it for only $15.00. I would have preferred a black one with brass accents but I've never seen one for a price that I would pay. 
Ours has been inside the house but has been outside as well. It's held all manner of fun seasonal and garden decorations. 

Since my greenhouse is not in place yet and stuff was all over the deck, the baker's rack was moved indoors. It got a quick refresh with some white spray paint. Honestly, it could use some thorough rust removal and repainting but it's August and it's too hot to do a project like that in August. It's got some chippy and rusty paint going on but I'm not sure that is as desirable as it was 10 years ago or so. 

This didn't come with glass or tile on the shelves. They are metal slats which don't really work except for plants. White "marble look" tile left over from the powder room is inset into the shelves. I had just enough tiles and they only needed a little trimmed off with the tile saw in order to fit perfectly.

The crape myrtle on the edge of the deck kept dropping stuff all over this piece when it was outside. 

Cleaning this off a few times a year would be fine but that crape myrtle drops stuff all the time. Bringing the baker's rack inside gives me a break from cleaning it off. The tiles also got rusty from metal accessories. 

Since the baker's rack is white and open at the back, it doesn't take up much visual space and it doesn't block the view. 
Seasonal decor can take up visual space instead and that works for me. 

There are five shelves. Each shelf in only about 10 inches high so nothing too tall can be on display. Only the top shelf works for anything taller than 9 inches. I want a lamp for the top shelf. I had one but I cannot find it, which means I have given it away or it is in East Texas in the decor closet. 

Vintage green canvas bound books echo the green of the old quilt. 

My red pick up truck from Hobby Lobby got repainted Moss Green last year. To me green is almost a neutral and coordinates with so many other color schemes. 

Seasonal bits hang out in the bed. These pick ups were all over the decorating world a few years ago. It may be a tad overdone and out of style, but it's perfect for fall. Since I drive a pick up, it's still a fun decor piece. It took a lot of tape to get this thing ready to spray paint. It was worth it, because it's darling painted green. That is a good tip for you. If you see something metal or wood in a color that isn't your favorite, spray paint it. 

What do you do when the world shuts down because of a virus? 
Spray paint everything! 

A metal flower frog holding a seed packet has to be one of my favorite vignette elements. 

Seed packets - new or vintage they are just too fun. 

Primitive crafts are adorable for late summer/early fall. 
Sunflowers in calico and gingham were stitched up and sprinkled about the house. 
Getting it stiff and grungy has to be some sort of prim maker's secret. I tried a couple of different recipes. If you know, let me know. I've got the urge to make some scarecrows. 

My mom's copper rests on the shelves. 

The bird house was a gift from our son right after he moved to Seattle. 
It exemplifies the Craftsman architecture of that city. 

The pop of red echos the color in the pillows. The P. Kaufman Queensland fabric has to be one of my favorite fabrics ever. 

The pillows have been on the loveseat all summer. 

To extend the life of these vignettes, I can apples, pears and finally pumpkins.

A five dollar vintage clock is missing a foot. I added a tiny screw instead. I should take it up to my old fashioned hardware store to see if they can hook me up with alternative feet. 
The face was too precious to pass up. 

The antique doorstop came from my mother in law. We have a pair of these. 

This was fun to style. The fun will continue for the next few seasons. 

That's about it for now.
Stay well. 


  1. Looks super cute. I am starting some decorating too a little early. Have a good week. xoxo

  2. I love how you used the tiles for the bakers rack. I have mine in the house too. I use it for plants though. I like how you have yours set up. Well done!

  3. Your baker's rack is charming and look wonderful in the house by the window. Such pretty flowers, pillows, and wonderful light!

  4. So cheerful, and nice that it is filled with lots of meaningful treasures!

  5. Hi Katie! Oh, your bakers rack looks perfect! I have that little red truck and will have to poke some pun'kins in it! That pillow! That is my absolute favorite fabric but I can't find it any more. I lost my old blog so I'm starting over and will certainly add you to my blog list.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)