Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Greenhouse Relocation Is Complete

Hi, Friends,
Welcome back.
I hope you are staying well and encouraged. I will confess that I've had a hard time with this virus resurgence and it had me a little down in the dumps for a few days but after a pity party, I got to work on my greenhouse.

If you recall, it needed to be moved so that they could replace the retaining wall between our house and the neighbor next door. 

If the wall project hadn't commenced, I'd never have thought of moving the greenhouse. I wasn't sure it could be moved. When the neighbor said that they couldn't redo the wall unless it was moved, we figured out how to do it. It turns out that it is really light weight.  I was able to walk it across the yard by myself.

 When we put up the deck cover in 2019, the yard looked a little lopsided.  The deck, the shed, the greenhouse, and the pool were all on the same side of the yard. 
There was a lot going on. 

The greenhouse wasn't functioning where it was. It was too hot in the spring and too cold in the winter. 
I used it for storage. When they forecast Uri, most of my plants were moved indoors. I'm sure I would have lost all of my plants. 

When the wall was being built, the greenhouse sat in the middle of the yard for a week or so. I began to wonder what it would look like on the other side of the yard. I had plants and shrubs on that side but they all could be moved. The main two shrubs were nandinas which are plentiful in my yard as it is. They would not be missed at all. 
I began clearing the area and creating a little retaining wall with rocks from the yard but I had a difficult time getting the area level. I moved the greenhouse over anyway to see if it would work. It did and I love it. 
My landscape guy was going to come by to see it so that he could work on getting it level for me but I decided to give it one more try before he did. My last attempt was a success. It was level. He recommended bark mulch for the floor. When Bill picked up the mulch, he also picked up a tamper so that I could compact the soil before spreading the mulch. How have I lived without this tool?

Rocks from elsewhere in the yard were used to make steps descending down to the greenhouse. 
The tamper was used for that project as well. 

Bill made shelves when we first got the greenhouse but they didn't function well during the winter months.  

I decided to kick it "old school" and set up simple cinder block shelves. 

 We had the cinder blocks and the wood. 
These can be repositioned depending on the season. I'll have storage for pots in the summer and plants in the winter because these can be customized according my need. Best of all, I can move it all myself. 

I downsized my collection of flower pots and such. I kept my favorite things. 

A chair and a little table sit on the opposite side.
These can be moved out when it's time to put plants inside.  

 Liriope is my go to plant for getting new landscaping look older and established. I've found that it can be transplanted any time of the year. Using big clumps makes it look like they have always been there. 

A concrete mushroom and bunny add some garden whimsy. 

Mums and pumpkins will be fun during fall. 

The lights stay on all year. They add a little sparkle to the garden at night. 

I love seeing it when I enter the yard through the side gate. 

I like my garden to feel like it is a series of garden rooms. Different vistas and garden ornaments add interest and invite the visitor to continue a walk along the path. That is the theory anyway. We don't have a lot of visitors these days.  

That is all for now, my lovely friends. 
Please stay well. 

 Palram Nature Hybrid Hobby Green House.  I recommend getting a bigger size. This was a challenge to put together. 
Our Sojag Messina Gazebo  Ours is 10 by 10 which is discontinued, I think. 


  1. this has turned out so cute and fun, Katie. You're a real whiz at this landscaping stuff. If you have lights out there, will you be able to have heat in the winter? Even if it's just for storage in the winter it's so charming. I imagine it's beautiful at night. great job.

  2. It turned out great! I love garden rooms too. The lights are beautiful at night. I love to use lights in my garden too.

  3. Katie, your garden room is just wonderful. I love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Your garden room is so cute and I love where you moved it. I love the sweet lights at night. It is hard to not be down with fired, floods, hurricanes, the virus and UnGodly people taking over Afghanistan. I cannot even watch the news anymore. Trying to stay positive we will get through all of this. Have a great Friday and wonderful holiday weekend. xoxo

  5. Love where you moved the greenhouse. It looks like it belongs there. Very nice! Enjoy the holiday weekend!