Friday, September 17, 2021

Sewing Up Scarecrows

Hello, Dear Friends,
How are you? I hope you are staying well and encouraged.

I've been making scarecrows. 

I have an adorable scarecrow that comes out every October.

 When I purchased him off of eBay, I thought he was handmade. He was made overseas and sold through a wholesale company called Pearson's Simply Primitives. They are no longer in business but they used to have some cute stuff. 
He has a handmade look about him and he's one of my favorite decorations to pull out each autumn. 

 I wanted one with a similar look for our house out in East Texas. 
Last year, we didn't close until October 19th, so I missed a lot of fall decorating out there. 
I searched online for more inspiration. Inserting Primitive Scarecrows into the search bar on Etsy yields abundant results. It does on Pinterest as well. If you are using eBay, search for Primitive scarecrows in the Antique category. 
A Southern Living Christmas book was given to me our first year of marriage. A doll pattern inside has been used several times over the years. I dusted off the book and traced the pattern for my scarecrow. 

It's been a while since I've made a doll so it took almost all day.
It was a lot of fun but it didn't look like my scarecrow. It didn't have that grungy, primitive body. It had a flat head instead of a rounded head like my existing doll. The arms also needed to pose. To get a grungy effect. I used coffee grounds and finally, Waverly dark antiquing wax but he still isn't very grungy. Gathering all the bits to make this doll a fall crow deterrent was very entertaining. 
Patterns for the clothing was included in the book. I adapted the pants to make overalls. 
The ticking strip reminds me of the Osh Kosh overalls that I had as a tween.  

 The next day I decided to try again. 
snowman pattern previously purchased off of Etsy had the rounded head. 

The snowman had no legs so a set was made using the Southern Living doll pattern. 
Coffee and cinnamon was used to stain unbleached muslin. 

I drenched it in coffee and sprinkled it with cinnamon. 
The pieces were dried in a low temperature oven for about 15 minutes. 
The house smelled like cookies so I had to make some. 
The fabric was still not as grungy as I'd like but I began sewing it together.
I put some rolled up chicken wire ribbon inside so that the arms could pose. 
The chicken wire ribbon was found at Hobby Lobby in the ribbon section. 

It works marginally well. 

I don't know how crafters make any money. Again, it took me almost a day to make the second doll. 

My original scarecrow has button eyes so I tried using buttons on both of the dolls but it didn't look right. 
I embroidered the faces. It took me a couple of tries to get it right. 

The little tags were fun. 

Which do you like better? 
I'll let you know which one makes to East Texas. 

The exterminator classified our scorpion situation in East Texas as an infestation. The pets and I have been staying home while Bill goes out to batten up any openings. The pest control company is going to re-treat next week. 
They come in looking for water when it is hot and dry.They better be all gone before the cooler, fall weather arrives. I don't want to miss any fall weather out there.
I get that our problems are minuscule compared to what is going on in the world but it is about to get on my last nerve. Please say a prayer for us. This last year and a half has been so hard. I think we've both struggled with depression, at times. 
Crafting and creating is one way that I keep buoyed, if that makes sense. 
"God is our refuge and strength, a present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1
As always, thank you for stopping by. I'm so blessed by your presence.


  1. Your scarecrows are adorable, I think you did a fabulous job with the face - they have such personality :-) I'm down in the hill country (between Wimberley and Blanco) and also have scorpions. Thankfully I only find a couple in the house over the course of the year, so I'd say I don't have an infestation. I do have chickens that free range a fair amount; I've heard that they do a good job eating scorpions. I hope your exterminator can take care of yours for you! I understand the depression over the last 18 months - my life has been virtually unchanged through the pandemic (I've worked remotely from home for years), but I have felt depressed a lot as well. I think our feelings are normal and very common since the world changed so drastically so quickly and doesn't seem to be righting itself just yet. I have great faith that things will improve, we just have to bide our time as best we can. Sending (socially distant and safe :-) ) cyber hugs - I enjoy your blog and it's one of my bright spots when I see you post!

  2. An infestation of scorpions would make anyone depressed. And creeped out as all get out. That's intense. Sending all good luck and wishes on that score. Your scarecrow -- darling in every way. Well done pulling it together from a variety of sources. Perfect for fall!

  3. Your scarecrows are adorable and I would certainly buy one!!! So sorry about pests and worse depression. Better times are ahead I know in my heart. I so enjoy your blog.
    Margy in KY

  4. Hi Katie! Oh, you little scarecrows are just so cute! You did a great job on them too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I'm sorry about the scorpions I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I love your scarecrows. I also make primitive dolls. You did a great job on them!

  6. Katie, your little scarecrow fellas are just adorable. I can't believe the amount of work and creativity you poured into these. too cute!! I totally understand the depression that has accompanied this last almost 2 years. It's been really hard for me, too. You're staying busy so that's good. Hopefully the scorpian problem will be taken care of soon. So glad to see you post!

  7. Katie!!
    I just love the scarecrow and guess what??I have 2 of those doll forms in my stash!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration...Once I am done decorating I may try my hand at this!! Thanks too for taking the time to visit!! i appreciate it...will you be starting your party back up again??

  8. Me again...OMG!! A scorpion infestation!!! how awful! Sending prayers....

  9. Oh my--I hope the exterminator can solve that scorpion infestation. Your scarecrows are really cute and very festive. It really helps to keep a journal of your blessings as it makes one appreciate all we have in life when so many have so little.

  10. OMG Katie - your little scarecrows are darling! I love both! I can't wait to see what you do with the East Texas decor. I agree with the problems all of us are facing. They do seem miniscule to everything else but unfortunately, I think things will get worse before they get better. We just need to keep praying. Thanks for giving us a little joy in your blog. :-)