Monday, September 13, 2021

Telling A Fall Decor Story Without Pumpkins

Hi, Friends,
How are you today? I hope you are staying well and encouraged.
I've been thinking about something as I decorate for early fall. 
Can I create a fall decor story without pumpkins? 

It's not been a secret that orange is probably my least favorite color on the color wheel. 
Bill ordered a rug for his bathroom out in East Texas. Instead of brick red it is rusty orange. We set it aside for the cabin. I saw it the other day and decided to try it in the laundry room. 

I think it works and I will like it for the season.  
It really got me thinking about ways to evoke the feeling of fall without using any pumpkins. I probably will pull out some pumpkins in a week or two but in the meantime, I want that autumnal feel with deeper russet tones until I'm ready for them. 
 I took a break from weekends in East Texas until the #scorpions are gone. Bill's the scorpion hunter at the moment and I got to play with decor while he was "going on a bug hunt." 

A lot of our woodland lodge decor went to East Texas but we still have some pieces here in town. 
 I'll start with Adirondack frames because they speak the language of fall perfectly. You can find these on eBay or Etsy if you search for Adirondack frame, Black forest frame or leaf frame. I have several. Some are family pieces. Others came from antique shops when the price was right. 

I adore these. Anything with a leaf or tree trunk motif harmonizes with the season. 
The Majolica pitcher is a reproduction. A faux log planter adds a woodsy touch as well. 

I found a small set of Johnson Brother Harvest Time dishes at the thrift store when I dropped off some stuff. 
They look darling in the kitchen niches. 

The ceramic apple is a favorite and fun addition. 

A cottage salt shaker has a rusty hue that blends right in. 

The floral gravy boat is Medway Decor by Alfred Meakin. It coordinates with the Harvest Time plate really well. I love mixing brown patterns for autumn. 

Brown transferware speaks the language of fall very fluently. 

A vintage pansy seed packet is a subtle reminder of the world outside.
Pansies are planted in our part of Texas during the fall and they will last all winter. 

Dried remnants from the garden give a perfect nod to the season that is fading slowly away.  

Vintage botanicals echo that same shadow of floral abundance. 

A cozy season of home beckons one to read a good book. Leather bound books add such warmth to a space. 

A thrifted chrysanthemum painting has to be one of my favorite things.

Apples and pears take center stage. 

I went on a quest to find realistic looking apples. My old ones were all dented from years of use. 
Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanns supplied an abundant harvest. 
The dough bowl is current Hobby Lobby. It's part of the fall line but I'll use it all year. 

The clock is a recent thrift store purchase for $10.00. 

I went outside and clipped an oak branch from the tree. The leaves will dry but they will last a week or so.

This is an actual reflection of fall in Texas because our leaves don't really turn until Thanksgiving. We are still raking in December which is so annoying. It's not fun raking around holiday light cords.

A couple of my favorite squirrels romp in vignettes. 

This one is new. I bought it off of Etsy back in April. 
Squirrel collectables are hard to find so when I saw it, I knew it would be wonderful for my collection. 
I like to thrift in real time but there are certain things that I'll buy and save for another season. 

A squirrel riding in the back of a pick up truck makes total sense in the seasonal decor world. Haha. 

The little creamer is another out of season find. I knew it would be perfect for fall because of the leaf motif.

That is all for now, my friends. I hope that you enjoyed this post. How did I do? 
Our weather has turned a corner and it is no longer 100 million degrees. 
It's actually pleasant in the morning and in the evening. Yippee. 

I'm so thankful for you.  
Stay well, 


  1. Hi Katie! I think you achieved the look of Fall without pun'kins! You have some lovely little things and I would love to snoop around and shop! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. I love that you created fall without pumpkins. With all your cute things it looks fabulous. I like the rug in the laundry room. Looks very pretty. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

  3. I bought that doughbowl last Thursday while I was working out of town. Tallahassee has a very well stocked Hobby Lobby. I tend to get the pumpkins out Oct 1 since they stay out through TG. I bought a sack of artificial fruit and am thinking about painting them dark gold and copper.

  4. It's all perfectly "fall"! Loving all the brown transferware and that adorable little 50's planter with the squirrel on a log. My grandmother had some of the most weird little planters. I guess that was some kind of trend. It was all very Disney/cartoon like. oooh and I spy that gorgeous green transferware tureen/compote in the last pic. love it! I don't blame you for keeping your distance during the scorpian hunt. eeeeck.

  5. I love orange and rust but I'm not ready for it. This is a wonderful fall interpretation. I love the adirondack frame, especially. Lots of wonderful vignettes and pretty touches here, Katie. Lovely.

  6. Hi Katie,
    Everything looks great! I love the Harvest dishes. So pretty and I can't believe you got that beautiful clock for $10. What a deal!