Friday, October 15, 2021

Fresh Paint On The Shed

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I hope that you are well.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your comments and kind words. It means so much to me and it is one of the reasons that I keep blogging. I know that some of you are such loyal followers and it is because we share a bond that has formed over the last decade.
 It is hard to believe that I've blogged almost ten years. 

In that decade, the shed has been three different colors. 
I was in the midst of raising teenagers when I let Bill choose a color combination. 
He was going for a Craftsman era look. 

In 2015 the shed got a red barn makeover. 

It needed a fresh coat of paint especially after the recent deck refinishing project. It had started to fade so it almost looked pink. 
I love the color of the cabin out in East Texas so much. I realized that there was plenty of paint left to give our shed a coat or two. 

I adore this color. 

It is Retreat by Sherwin Williams. 
It is a very soft, smoky green.
It does feel like the shed visually retreats into the landscape. 

Texas is so hot in the summer. The green will feel cooler than the red.  

This green will coordinate will all my deck color combinations as well. 

Usually, the cushions are black but occasionally I'll switch them for Navy blue.  
I love blue and green together. Black and green is one of my favorite color combinations for the deck. 

I made some new fall pillows for the deck chairs. 

Stencils were used for the lettering, the checkered border, and the truck. Pumpkins are pretty easy to paint so those were done free handed. I searched the internet for pillow ideas and decided to make them rather than buy them. 

Bill rarely uses the shed so I'm embracing it as the "she shed". 
The inside was refreshed last year but it needs a good cleaning after a long growing season. 
I'll tackle that next week. 

We've enjoyed the pumpkins and mums out here. 

It was very hot the day that the shed got painted red. I remember vowing to never paint it again. 
Actually, it must have been the trim that was a nightmare because it only took a few hours to paint the body of the shed today.  
The white trim needs a touch up too but I don't have that paint on hand so that will have to wait for another day. 

The little wooden truck came from Walmart a few years ago. It was red but green aligns with my color palette a little better. Most of our red truck decor has been painted. 
The little lantern was red too. It was a target find a long time ago.
One thing always seems to lead to another. 
The retaining wall got replaced which caused me to move the greenhouse.  I noticed how bad the deck looked so it needed to be stained. The deck project highlighted that the shed needed some paint. 

The deck needed to recover a bit from stripping and power washing. The new wood needs to age a little too. That project will be coming soon. 

My containers are full of lettuce, kale, mustard greens, and other winter vegetables. 
They should be fine this winter unless we have some sort of "Uri like" event. 

It all looks so pretty and it is finally cool outside!  
Friday Night Lights can finally have some fall weather. 
That is all for now. 
I hope you enjoyed the shed refresh. 


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