Thursday, November 4, 2021

Vintage Thanksgiving Decorations 2021

Hello, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are staying well and encouraged.
Social Media is full of Christmas but I really love my Vintage Thanksgiving decor so I usually pull it out for a few weeks until I'm ready to decorate for Christmas. 

My home is usually in Christmas mode by Thanksgiving Day. My family understands my love for Christmas and that it takes over a week for me to decorate. By the time the Turkey carcass is in the trash, the trees are lit and our home is completely decorated or almost finished. It was started and driven by my teaching schedule but now it is routine. Bill has no desire to help with the decorating. If it were up to him, we would head out on vacation instead. That is okay. It is a lot of work but I do love it. 
Except for the trees, our Christmas decor is pretty understated so it's easy to have a "Thanksmas" or "Chrisgiving" look. The orange hues are gone and packed away for another year. 
I love brown and gold in November. 

Over the years, I've collected some fun vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers. 
My favorites have moodier tones of black and brown. 

I had some turkey figurines that were too orange. I spray painted them with black chalkboard paint and gold metallic paint. 
The gold was sprayed while the black was still wet so the two swirled together to create a cool effect. 

The thankful for graphic came from An Evening with Joanna Gaines. 
I met Chip. I should have stood in line to meet Joanna. 
This was after the first season before they were mega famous. They never did another event like this. 

I have two of these turkeys. Since they are place card holders, they are perfect for tucking in a little something.  
The matching one on the dining table holds a wonderful vintage postcard.
 My grandmother received this card about 100 years ago. 
My grandmother was born on November 28, 1898 so she was a young adult at the time.  

Here is the message: 

"Dear Friend, 
Congratulation to your birth day wishing you many happy returns of the day. Just asked your ma for your address when she told me about a box she was sending to you. Wish I was there." 

I love the many happy returns. She had many happy returns and lived to be 88 years old. 
I learned recently that my grandmother left home and was a house keeper for wealthier families in Milwaukee. This post card was sent to an address in Chicago.  I guess that is what she did there too. At some point she worked for Bell Telephone. 
I tried to Google the address but I can't find it. 

I took the turkey print out of my Audubon book. 

I adore the cupboard that we got last year. 
"Starsky, The Hutch" is so much fun to decorate for the seasons and holidays. 
Did I date myself? I think so. I had a crush on David Soul. 

I love, love vintage Gurley turkey candles. They have the same deeper tones that I love. 

These are just adorable. 

Harvest Time dishes by Johnson Brothers coordinate with brown transferware and another candle. 

I am in love with this Autumn Wreath candle by Yankee Candle. 

That is all for now. 
I still have a few more fun images to share with you, so be on the look out for that. 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. I am still trying to find all my Thanksgiving decorations. I put them away in a safe place. (-: I love your turkey candles. The picture is a great idea too. I may have to copy that idea!

  2. Love your Thanksgiving decor.
    I put things in safe places and then cant find them 🤐

  3. You inspired me to quit dithering and start my decorating for TG. I have a hodgepodge of vintage and acquired items with some Publix Pilgrim dishes that always make me smile. I am working on my dinner and swear I will clean my oven this week.

  4. Love your turkeys and vintage turkey candles. Everything looks beautiful with the ironstone and transferware. I love to see Thanksgiving still being posted, and how wonderful that you have that family postcard keepsake!

  5. How inspiring...thank you for not jumping into Christmas just yet. I LOVE vintage and your post was just delightful. I too, collect vintage postcards for the holidays and loved how special yours was. Such a sweet post!

  6. OH how I enjoyed seeing your home...I love your vintage collection...just wonderful pieces for Thanksgiving..just lovely!

  7. I love all your vintage Thanksgiving, which is so warm and cozy, like the holiday. And thanks for the reminder of the vintage postcards. I'm so behind on decorating I got Halloween up on October 28th! I haven't even looked at Thanksgiving yet! And I always use my postcards, as you do, but I confess, I'd forgotten about them! It's beautiful, Katie. I'm glad you're not doing Christmas yet. It's my favorite time and I adore it and decorating for it. And I am so NOT ready!