Saturday, December 18, 2021

Last Minute Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Hi, Darlings,
How are you? 
I hope that you are well. 

The house is decorated. It is time to think about how to set the holiday table. 
Do you love Christmas dishes? 
I do. 
Christmas dishes were not a thing in my family. We always celebrated Christmas at home but I cannot remember which china we used. The first time I realized that Christmas china existed was at my cousin's wedding. She'd registered for Christmas Rose by Spode. It would be years before I acquired any holiday dishes but my cousin's china planted a seed. 

My Currier and Ives dishes by Royal were a super bargain a few years ago.  The plates were $5.00. One Christmas, my sister in law set our holiday table with Winter's Eve by Spode.  I found the plates in an antique shop shortly after seeing my sister in law's gorgeous blue and white Christmas china. I knew they were coming home with me as soon as I saw the affordable price. 
Recently, I found the bowls for $2.00 each. 

We will use this on Christmas Eve. 
Yesterday, I redecorated the dining room tree in a more neutral scheme to coordinate with the china. 

Some really fun twinkle cluster lights were on clearance a few years ago. Clear and silver balls were added. The LED candles were added next. Vintage brass bells added just the perfect finishing touch. Redecorating the tree mid-season seems a little crazy but it was fun and it uses ornaments that weren't going to get used this year. 

The kid table a few years ago featured Johnson Brothers Friendly Village. 
One Christmas Eve Bill kicked me out of the house so he could wrap gifts. Place settings were deeply discounted that day so I picked up a place setting for four. 
Eventually, I added four more plates and some salad plates. 

Friendly Village is the top seller for Johnson Brothers on Replacement Ltd. 
Friendly Village was created in 1953. It is still in production. 
Our set is at our house in East Texas where we use it all winter.

Vintage Indiana Glass Kings Crown Ruby Red goblets were thrifted years ago. We love to use them for Christmas brunch. 

One year I found some Scio Japan Holly Berry plates and cups and saucers. Each piece was only a dollar each. These are adorable and have such a mid-century feel. We used these for Christmas lunch two years ago. We still have the plates although I did give some of the teacups back to the thrift store because we don't drink tea. I think I'll get these out to use this week. 

Our Christmas Tree by Spode was picked up at Macy's and Tuesday Morning. 
It is one the most popular patterns sold at Replacements Ltd. 
It was introduced in 1938 and was created for the American market. 
There are many specialty pieces that can be collected for this pattern. 
The green border chips easily so these have to be hand washed. 

It was made with a red border as well.

All of our chargers came from Hobby Lobby. 

At one time we had some Cuthbertson's tree plates. Mine had a wide band and were manufactured in the 80s. These were found at the Salvation Army for a dollar. I gave them away as I acquired other full sets but I think they are pretty. They coordinate with the Spode really well.  

Holiday Season dessert plates were my first foray into Christmas china. I found them at a Mikasa Outlet. This pattern was produced from 1996 - 2003. I found one more at an estate sale last summer so I think I have 11. 
I used to pair them with Florentine by Crown Ducal but I don't have the Florentine set any more.  

Our sterling is English Gadroon by Gorham. It looks so good with just about every pattern of china. 

Years ago, if everyone came we could have 25 people. I don't know that we ever had that many but when I found random plates, I would pick them up. 

I only had two Victorian Christmas plates by Johnson Brothers so they were regifted back to the thrift store. They are much white than the Spode so they didn't coordinate that well. 

If you have followed for while, you will know that I love china. 
Surfing Replacements Ltd. is fun and it's a great resource to learn about different patterns. 
Do you have a holiday pattern? Let me know in the comment section. I
 don't get to respond most of the time but I do read every comment. 
That is all for now. 


  1. You have such a beautiful collection of Christmas plates, so many different patterns. Love how you've used plaid napkins with so many of them. Happy Weekend, Katie!

  2. I have collected a lot of Christmas dishes over the years. I also have my late MIL's set I can't resist a good thrift find - I am looking for TG plates for next year.

  3. I love all your plates. I have the Cuthbertsons Tree set. I love them. My Mom had the Spode Tree set. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  4. Very pretty Katie. Have a good weekend. xoxo

  5. I've had my Christmas tree spode since I was a kid in the 60s -- I remember when mom got it. They're all lovely settings, Katie! Happy Christmas week!

  6. I just attempted a few last-minute Christmas tablescape ideas, and they turned out beautifully! Easy, quick, and incredibly festive, these are great for last-minute holiday entertaining.