Monday, May 23, 2022

Red Poppies For Remembrance/Main Bedroom For Summer

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.

We have a Pottery Barn Outlet a few miles down the road. It is a hit or miss situation but sometimes there is something good. A few months ago, I found a few pillow shams in the bins. They all had a summery feel and I knew they would be fun on our summer beds. The bins are huge cardboard boxes filled with returns. There can be 10 or 12 bins at any given time. Everything in the bins is 70% off. Digging through is a lot of fun for a bargain hunter. 
I often tell Bill that if he can't find me, "Check the bins at Pottery Barn." It feels like you can fall in and never get out. 

One of the shams was the Poppy Organic Sham. 

Clearly, the poppy is not in the most prominent location on this sham which is why it may have been returned. 

I will often use a standard size pillow as a large pillow in the center of the bed. 
I love a lot of pillows on the bed but one larger one in the center does simplify the bed for summer. 

There are several fun motifs in the sham but I was drawn to the red poppy for two reasons.  
I had a few silk poppies from a summer wreath and I've never really decorated with them before. A new theme is always fun for me. Red is a fun accent color in the summer. 

The internet yielded some vintage poppy graphics and red glass was brought up from the dish closet. 

Poppies came across my radar in Normandy. I seem to recall, little paper poppies in a gift shop or something. Red poppies sprang up in the battles ravaged fields during WWI so they became a symbol of remembrance for those fallen in the war. Across the world, red poppies are worn on Armistice Day which is November 11th. I don't know how common it is these days, but poppies were worn on Memorial Day here in the States. Growing poppies in Texas must be a bit of a challenge because I've never seen them around here. 

An antique postcard was an eBay find. It's not the most inspiring message but it is dated February 15th, 1910. Five years before poppies sprang up during the war. 

Vintage flower frogs make great holders for old ephemera. 

Painting the bed was such a worthwhile project. It's completely satisfied my desire for a new bed. 

I love the cottage look that it has now. 

That is all for now. 
Have you ever decorated with poppies? 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Cute pillow sham. I love poppies, too, although I can't grow them to save my soul. Nice to see you posting, Katie!

  2. I love that fabric! Super cute.

  3. Agree nice to see you posting.

  4. Beautiful fabric, no matter where the actual poppy is. I love a black background botanical, and it looks so pretty on your bed. Painting it made such a huge transformation, it totally opened up the room. I'd love to have a PB outlet or a regular PB closeby. I only get to go when we are in St. Louis. Loved seeing your kids in your previous post. so glad to see you post, you've been busy!

  5. This fabric looks so pretty with your whites. Such a pretty farmhouse bedroom. Have a good week. xoxo Kris


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