Monday, July 11, 2022

East Texas Front Porch For Summer

Hello, Friends,
How are you doing today? I hope you are well.
We're doing our best to stay cool here in Texas. 
I don't know that I've mentioned this but the temperature in East Texas is a few degrees cooler. The difference is negligible because the humidity is a tad higher. 
That didn't stop me from playing with the decor on the front porch even though it is a little too hot to sit outside. 

Just like the queen, the flags are up when we are in residence. 

The bunting came from Hobby Lobby in 2021. 

When Bill bought the new set for the screened in porch, we brought the two black chairs around to the front. These were an estate sale find for $15.00 each. The little table belonged to my childhood ice cream set. 

The shrub and flower border that lines the porch is holding its own. I chose dwarf nandinas which thrive at my house in town. They aren't thriving but they are doing okay. 

The bench was a trash find. Bill re-did all of the wood. He did three benches in a short amount of time. 
He has since banned me from picking up anymore benches. I love benches. Haha. 

The floral pillow was found at Walmart. I made the little gold pillow with some left over damask. 

The antique rocker is a family piece. 
The slatted rocker was left on the property. 
We have the paint to do the ceiling but it is way too hot for that . 
The walls are Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. 

The wreath on the front door came from Nearly Natural. I just love it. 

A cute truck sign from Hobby Lobby graces the front bed in the summer. 

We need rain. It hasn't rained out there for about a month. I'm watering but it's been struggle to keep the grass alive. Some of it is just fried, which is terrible since we spent a lot of money on fertilizer. 
Hopefully, it will bounce right back as soon as we get some rain. I'm praying for that to happen soon. 
In the meantime, the porch looks cute! 
That is about it for now. 
I hope you are staying cool. 

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  1. I love your porch and all the personal touches. We have an old park bench with wooden slats that really really needs a makeover. Thank goodness for cushions and pillows! We're trying to keep our grass alive too, but the stretch of upper 90's and no rain for weeks is murderous on a lawn. I hear you on paint projects, we have them too but it's just too hot. stay cool!

  2. It's fun and festive, Katie. Hope your grass bounces back. Weather is doing a number on everyone this summer.

  3. Your porch looks super cute!! Hugs,