Monday, July 18, 2022

Keeping Cool With Blue And White

Hi, Friends,
We are doing our best to keep cool during this horrendous heat wave.
On Sunday of last week, we came home from East Texas to a warmer than normal home. The A.C. is now fixed but I woke up one morning with the desire to remove all warmer tones from the house. 
The bedroom was first to get a cool down. 

It felt oddly cooler even though that is not possible. It made me feel like I was doing something to combat the heat. 

Our collection of blue and white is pulled out on a rotating basis. 
I've been picking it up here and there for almost 40 years but when I get tired of it, it gets packed away. My collection has been edited with only my favorite pieces making the cut. 

The kitchen was next on my list. 
Earlier in the summer, yellow was the primary color scheme. It is way too hot for yellow decor.  

Blue and white checked valances replaced yellow floral valances

Blue and white transferware has been sprinkled about. 

A Blue Danube trivet is a great solution for the missing brass tray on my French scale. 

The kitchen is neutral enough to receive a new scheme just by switching out accessories and the valances. 
It's perfect for a chronic redecorator. 

I've wanted a French salt box for a long time but I couldn't find one for a price that I'd pay. 
One of my favorite shops had a reproduction but it was black and white. 

I decided to add some blue and the word sel which is salt in French. 

The imperfect quality to my painting technique gives it an antique look, at least that is what I'm telling myself! I do like it until a French antique is found. The funnel is a Swedish antique. 

That is about it for now. I've been working on the garden room. I'll show that soon. 
I'll be back. 
Stay cool. 


  1. Everything is so pretty!! I’m not usually a blue and white person but I love it in your house. Hugs,

  2. It does look cooler! My Grandma always had a blue kitchen. I hope you are staying cool!

  3. Every summer I start with blue and white then add some red for the 4th and after, I start sneaking in sunflowers. Love your salt container.