Monday, August 1, 2022

East Texas Update/ The Quonset Hut

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.

We are doing well. 
Bill has been very busy with the Quonset hut. 

We only had one outbuilding on our property in East Texas. It's not the outbuilding of our dreams but it has been very handy to have. 
It is visible right out the back door of our house and it was a bit of an eyesore. 

It consists of two sections. The bigger section in the photo we call the cabin. The other odd section Bill has named the quonset hut after those old military buildings. It's commonly used as a garage out in the country. 

Well, the garage portion was made into a living space for the owners brother. When he moved out. The owner of the property enlarged the living space by adding the cabin. 
Together the structure consisted of a living area, kitchen, dining bedroom and bath. 
We painted the exterior which made a huge difference. The color is Retreat by Sherwin Williams. 

The first interior problem was noticed in the bathroom. 

There was a water leak and the floor was squishy. 
As we poked around the rest of the garage portion, we found mold.  

There was no saving the interior of that section so Bill spent months of Saturdays gutting it. 

He also had to build the wall and door on north end exterior. 

The wrap around roof was holding water where the two buildings are joined. The wrong type of insulation was used and that caused condensation. 
When it was completely down to the shell, Bill realized that the garage portion would be a perfect shop. 
Fixing this correctly became a priority. 
Bill tried patching the roof to no avail. 
We called a roofer to come have a look. They did but they never would let us schedule a repair. 

Bill finally decided to replace the roof  himself. He wanted to run the roof in the other direction so that water will run correctly off of the structure instead of pooling in the grooves. 
It took him a long time to find someone that would sell him the correct metal parts. He could only find places to buy a new metal buildings. He finally located and ordered the hat channels and the roofing material in May. It had already been a year since demo had begun on the interior of this building. 

He and his brother tore off and began roofing it at the end of June. 

They got most of it done in a weekend. 

They built new interior wall sections to hold the proper insulation. 

At some point in the re-siding process, they decided to add windows. 

It's so much cuter. 

The street view is vastly improved. 

Here is a before-

Now the after-

Once he has done the wiring and insulation, a wall between the cabin and the garage can be built. 
All his tools can move to the new shop and we can begin working on the cabin. 
That will be the fun part. 
My projects have been put on hold for the time being except for bringing my porch swing from the other house. 

It needs to cool down so that I can enjoy it. 
The grass is struggling without rain so I've spent a lot of my time watering. 
Please pray for rain for us.
That is all for now. Thanks so much for stopping by. 

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  1. It's looking great, Katie. I know you all have done so much work out there. Bill has some amazing building skills. Knowing you it will be totally adorable when you're finished with the basics. Love the addition of the swing. We went 6 weeks without rain; hopefully you'll get some soon.