Friday, August 19, 2022

Thrifting For Sunflower Decor

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. 
It's sunflower time!  I've shared many times that my old classroom was decorated with sunflowers. It was a fun cheery motif to welcome my littles back to school. My husband would bring a bouquet of them up to our open house to celebrate the new school year. It was such a sweet acknowledgment of all the hard work that went into inservice. 

I'm excited to join Amber for a Sunflowers In Bloom Blog Hop.  I love how Amber styles her antique home with fun vintage finds. 

If you are coming from Decor To Adore, welcome. I love seeing seasonal decor in Laura's new kitchen. 

I popped into a little boutique while I was on the hunt for some late summer inspiration. One of my favorite crafters had some darling new primitive sunflowers. I snagged one for our house in East Texas. 
I thought I'd challenge myself to thrift a few new things for this blog hop. 

The crafter was getting rid of a few craft books and one of them had a field of sunflowers on the cover. This pattern probably won't ever be made by me but the book looked adorable with some of my other sunflower items.
The darling wheel barrow was a Hobby Lobby clearance find. 

She also had a vintage book of flowers. I just knew it would have a sunflower page and it did. 
We inherited a matching bird book from Bill's mom so it's fun to have this book. 

Sometimes you don't have to look any further than your own stash for a fun seasonal item.  
My daughter painted a portrait of Van Gogh either for fun or for a high school project. The blooms over his shoulders are a nod to his famous florals. It was fun to see some of his self portraits in France. 

My favorite thrift store had a very quirky coffee canister. I couldn't decide if it was hideous or precious. 
It had to come home and join the blue and white on my dish dresser. I think it is precious. 

Not so old seed packets stand proudly in vintage flower frogs. Don't discard them-display them. 

I spied a wreath at one of the smelliest estate sales ever. All of the fall florals and picks in the wreath were from Hobby Lobby. It was well worth $5.00. One pick before Hobby Lobby's discount was $4.99. The wreath was packed full. I dismantled it all and discarded the grape vine. 
Frilly yellow blossoms are snugged in a new to me ironstone tureen. 

Faux sunflowers stand in when I can't get to the store to get real ones. These yellow ones were from Walmart. 

Blue Ridge Southern Pottery has a pattern called Sunflower. A platter and two saucers decorate our house in East Texas. These pieces were antique store finds. This company has some fun fruit and floral patterns if you like to match your tableware to the seasons. 

A crochet garland was found off of Etsy last year, I tucked it away in a tote and forgot about it. 
It was a sweet surprise to see an adorable sunflower garland. How darling are these flowers? I piled them in a blue willow bowl. 

Sunflower season would not be complete without a sunflower mug. We found this one at Dollar General. It's a fun way to enjoy my Saturday morning cup of coffee out in the country. 

Of course, a cheery yellow posy blog hop would not be complete without some arrangements made from grocery store flowers. 

That is all for now. Hop on over to see my friend, Michelle at Thistle Key Lane to find out how she is transitioning into fall. You will love her ideas. 
Thank you so much for stopping by. Be sure to check your antique shops and thrift shops for sunflower decor.  

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  1. So much fun to see all your thrifted finds, Katie! I love how you celebrated the start of each school year with sunflowers too. My Mom taught first grade for years and our kitchen table and floor always had glitter and glue all over it as she prepped for pre-planning. It was a wild week and I love how you still keep the tradition alive. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Katie,
    I love finding thrifted items like these. I need to get my crochet needle out for that adorable sunflower garland. Great find.

  3. So many pretty vignettes! I love how you mixed in the blue and all the pretty vintage pieces. Starting the school year off with sunflowers is a great way to welcome the students! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love sunflowers, too - your thrifted finds work so well together! The coffee canister is definitely precious! I grew a few sunflowers for the first time this year and was very happy to find out how easy they are to grow even with our excessive heat this year (I'm in the Texas hill country). I didn't cut them (this year - next year I'm going to plant a LOT so I can, lol), but I did cut off the seed heads when they finished blooming and let my hens have at them - it was definitely a treat for them :-) Thanks for being a happy place on the internet!

  5. I'm having so much fun reading about your sunflower thrifted finds Katie, especially the coffee canister. I think it is adorable too!

  6. Katie you always inspire me and make me laugh too. I have many of those "hideous or precious?" dilemmas when thrifting too! I love the coffee canister, it definitely is precious! The little primitive sunflower is great and also those crocheted coasters.

    Love your daughter's the Van Gogh painting! I love Van Gogh!

    My middle school choir room has sunflower in it year round. It helps with the drearies during the winter months.

    Thank you for sharing your thrifted sunflowers and for joining the hop!

  7. You found so many great thrifted goodies. OK, I'm seriously awed by your daughter's artistic talent. Vincent's sunflower bouquet is perfection. I always love your shelf styling. Laughing over your hideous/precious little coffee canister. I agree; precious. too cute!

  8. Love your sunflower floral arrangements, so pretty and those cute crocheted sunflowers are precious.

  9. Katie let me first say how sorry I am to hear of the loss of your mother in law.
    I loved the photo you shared of her as a girl on FB. This is such a pretty post! I adore all of your vignettes. Sunflowers truly are such happy flowers.

  10. WOW! You have quite the collection of sunflowers. Everything is just so unique. I LOVE that vintage flower book. What a pretty find! Everything is lovely.

  11. You gave me such a great idea!! Turning your vintage flower book to a sunflower page! Brilliant and beautiful! Your daughter is so talented too!