Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Cozy Fall Inspiration

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I hope this finds you well. 
We are slowly getting back to normal after the sudden death of my mother in law. 
She was about to 89 so it wasn't too unexpected, given her age, but it was still unexpected if that makes sense. 

She had a very interesting life. I'd like to write about it but I haven't quite been able to formulate the words. Our home was central to the funeral home so it was a buzz of activity for about a week. 
When it was over, everyone went on with life but we are still coming to terms with the loss. Bill and I have been a bit zombie like. 
I've spent the week, culling the spent flowers from arrangements and thinking about cozy, fall things. 

The weather has cooperated. The afternoon after Jane died, it started pouring. It's rained off and on ever since. Jane was a strong person. I imagined her telling the Lord that it was too hot and too dry and that He needed to do something about it. Bill says my theology is off. Ha. 

I'd hoped that since July acted like August, August would act like September and it did. A break from our oppressive heat has been more that welcome. 
I'm not ready to jump into pumpkins quite yet. Instead I've sprinkled a few apple accents and warmer tones around the house. 

I shopped the house for the apple painting. The squirrel came from the antique store today. The berries were thrifted recently. 

Summer throws and pillows are slowly being replaced with richer and warmer tones. 

We had a couple of very futzy, needlepoint chairs. The chairs were very delicate and Bill detested them. I decided to pull off the needlework and stitch the canvases into pillows. The chairs were recovered and donated. My great uncle, my aunt and my mom all did this type of needle work. 
I'm not sure who stitched the one in the image above. It is so much better as a pillow rather than a seat cushion. I'll enjoy it more this way.  

When a friend offered a similar chair, I knew exactly what to do. This darling pink example was washed and framed in a recent estate sale frame. 

A little apple painting was an eBay find years and years ago. 

There are a plethora of fall inspiration videos on YouTube. 
The pie, below, was inspired by Mother Thyme and Bargain Bethany. 
It was so fun to make. 
The apple graphic came from The Graphic's Fairy

I'm loving deep moody tones and I look forward to cozying up our homes. 
That is about all for now.  
You will see more of my vignettes in coming days. 
It was fun to take a brain break in order to recover and to get inspired for the fall days ahead. 
See you soon, 

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.