Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Fall At Our East Texas Cottage

Hi, Lovely Friends,
How are you? I hope you are enjoying this fall season. 

This past weekend, I did a little decorating at our East Texas Cottage. 

We are almost to the two year anniversary of our little weekend cottage. 
Can you believe it?
It's been quite a journey. 
This long porch is fun to decorate for the seasons and holidays. 
This past summer, I found a darling wooden scarecrow at an estate sale. He was only $5.00. He only needed new hair but I tucked a few leaves into his hat as well. I believe he was originally a First Monday Trade Days' purchase. He has that "look." The owner had several other pieces in this same vein but he's the only one that came home with me. Bill was skeptical. Isn't he always? 

He is pretty large which makes him visible from the driveway. 

 We have learned that the white paint can get pretty dingy out here. Touching up may be a yearly endeavor. East Texas is as dusty as West Texas, in my opinion. 
We still need to paint the porch ceiling. We have the paint, I just need the energy.

The wreath on the front door was made from black eyed Susan stems and ribbon from Hobby Lobby and a garland from Dollar General.  The one I made last year smashed against the new storm door. 
You will see the smashed pumpkin in another image. 

Of course, the focal point of the living room is the fireplace. 
We may put some corbels underneath the mantel but we are loving this change so far. 
Bill is a wiz at building stuff. Read about it in this post. 

I added a bit more orange to celebrate October. Yes, I know. It will annoy me toward the end of the month. I'll deal with that when the time comes.  

Years ago, Bill bought two clay pots at an art studio in Clifton, Texas. I borrowed them both for fall arrangements - one for each house. Dried stems have been so trendy the last two years. I've embraced the trend and love it. These stems will be carefully stored so that they can be used every year. 
The souvenir squirrel teapot was an East Texas find. He is such a darling. The print can be found at the Graphics Fairy. 

Two loveseats in the living room is the best seating option. I don't love the brown, gray, olive sofa but it's so stinking comfortable. It was all we could find due to the supply chain issues. One the plus side, the Pottery Barn pumpkin pillow goes well with it. Kitty and I love napping on this little sofa. 

   I love the photo of my kids in flannel. They hated picture day. Ha.

The dry sink got a few bits. 

A bisque yard sale squirrel is a favorite. 

I love this vignette in the dining area. The scarecrow was made last year and he is a cutie pie. 

An Old World Christmas squirrel ornament hangs from the key cabinet. 

I was shopping a booth at my antique mall when the owner gave me 30% off all purchases. 
I knew the vibrant colors of this embroidered table runner would be darling for fall. 

The wooden leaf and squirrel were found last year in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby. 

Another scarecrow lounges in a green transferware tureen. 

I painted the buffalo check pumpkins a few years ago. 

A couple of vignettes were sprinkled about the kitchen. 

A page out of a favorite nursery rhyme book was framed for the kitchen wall. 

If you ever spot this book, be sure to pick it up. It's got some fabulous vintage illustrations. 

Say hello to the dented pumpkin. 

Dollar General had some cute things. The candle and the little pumpkin sign came from that store. 

Another wooden leaf from Hobby Lobby hangs with the favor from a Joanna Gaines event. 
The event was held in between Season One and Season Two of Fixer Upper. It was before they became so famous. This piece is still a favorite item in my collection of fall decor. 

The screen porch received a cute pillow, also from Dollar General. 

The creamer and sugar were a junk store find. The mugs came from Pottery Barn. I bought one and one I thrifted. 

I commend you for sticking with me through this marathon post. 
The month will slip by far too quickly and I wanted you to see our little weekend cottage. 
Enjoy the season, sip some cider and I will see you soon. 


  1. I like all the fall decorations. You have many nice things.

  2. I always love seeing your seasonal pieces, they're so personal and sentimental. Such a cute picture of your kiddos. We feel the same way about orange; love it, then not so much. Have fun out there this fall. Glad you can get some rest now when you visit.

  3. The Graphics Fairy had a really cute picture of a squirrel today. It is available for a free download.

  4. I always enjoy seeing the East Texas cottage. It's so quaint. It's true there are two things East Texas is not short on, dust and Dollar General! They do have some stinkin' cute decor right now. I love all the squirrels. So fitting for the country.

  5. Katie!! I just love all your sweet decorations here in this amazing home that you and your hubby remodeled!! What a fantastic job you both did!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your words of encouragement on my journey toward a healthier life...I eat when I am anxious and my mother was the opposite and could not eat when she was anxious. Yes, I agree that her comments to me about how thin my sister was and that my sister was a size 6 were verbal abuse but unfortunately, she compared me to my sister who was 10 years older than I am , for my entire life....It is was it was and in the end, before she passed we cleared the air and I said what I needed to say and we had no regrets...I do not speak to my sister because she picked up where my mother left off and I do not need that stress and criticism in my life....Sorry it took so long to come by but I am loving retirement and constantly busy...sometimes not having enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  6. Me again...I have no idea why I am coming up anonymous on some blog but it is Deb from Debbie-Dabble