Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fall Home Tour 2022

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well.

I thought I'd share my photos of the house decorated for fall. You can see a video tour in my previous post. 
I decided last week to try and figure out iMovie. I've tried before and could not figure it out. This time I was a little bit more determined. I told myself that I didn't know how to blog but I figured that out. Surely, I can learn how to use this program. 
It may seem a little redundant to make videos to go with a blog post. Two years ago, we wanted to document the redecoration of our East Texas house but I found that I was way too impatient to stop and film. 
Parisienne Farmgirl once that said that she liked video because it has a farther reach. That might be true. I posted a little video of the fall decor out in East Texas and that video has 100 views without promoting it at all. I've blogged here a million years 😉 and my view count on the same content is 158.
Maybe people aren't really reading blogs as much as they used to. I don't know. I do appreciate all of you that stop by to read my blog. I can't say that enough. 

On to the post...

I wasn't really feeling a lot of pumpkins this year except on the porches. 

I can't remember if we had the door color last fall but I do love it with the orange. 

I rearranged the living room again. When I was sweeping up dog hair after we lost Dixie, I decided that I really wanted to move the sofa back to its original spot. I still wanted a cozier conversation area but because I am cheap, I don't have two matching occasional chairs that could float at the entrance of the living area. However, I had two chairs with identical proportions so I used those. Pretend they match. These chairs used to angle. One next to the sofa and one next to the fireplace. Oddly, a friend said that the living room looked bigger this way.  It's a lot cozier. They will face the Christmas tree in December.  

Perhaps, one day I'll have matching chairs. Ha. 

The hymn board was an estate sale find. I love it. 

I just adore my ten dollar clock. An antique or vintage painting from my mother in law provides a perfect autumnal hue. 
Intertwined garlands, one from Etsy and one from Hobby Lobby cascade across the mantel. 
Fairy lights add a sweet twinkle. 

The orchid from my mother in law's funeral is still alive. I'm shocked. I haven't killed it. The branches have an autumn feel. 

I kept the dining room fairly simple. 

The table is set with Delamere by Spode, thrifted Harvest dishes from Johnson Brothers, Queen Bess flatware and goblets from Hobby Lobby. All of this is dishwasher safe to make clean up easier.

The tureen was an antique store find. I've had the bouquet forever. I bet it was originally imported by Raz Imports. They are local to us so boutiques used to order from them quite a lot. 

I have a thing for vintage squirrel planters. This little guy next to my silver service is a favorite. 

The laundry room has a few Halloween trinkets. 
I don't really have a lot of Halloween. The fabric pumpkin and black kitties were made by one of my favorite crafters. My daughter was not a napper as a toddler. To get her to try to lay still, we played momma and baby kitty. Kitties need to take a nap. I was pregnant with our youngest so I needed my nap.
Most of our cats have been black so these two have multiple sentimentality.   

Candles on timers twinkle inside two thrifted jack-o-lanterns. 

Mother Thyme on YouTube is one of my favorite channels lately. 
I made up one of her pies. 

The Apple Ale candle was probably a gift from a student. It's been one of favorite fall scents ever. 
I'd like to find another one like it. 

The kitchen got a few bits of decor. 

The black desk is a recent addition to the kitchen. I love it here. It is a little dressier than the old pie safe. 

That is all for now. October is flying by. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Your home is very warm and cozy. You have some really lovely things. Always enjoy your posts.

  2. It’s so nice to visit you here, thank you. xo, V.

  3. Your house is always so cozy and not overdone. LOVE those adorable kitties. sounds like a great game, even for older kitties!!

  4. Your fall home tour was stunning! I love Mother Thyme and made her pies as well. I hear you on how not as many people read blogs anymore - myself included. I find myself drawn to the videos. I do love blogs though and I hope they don't go the way of 8 track tapes. Jane

  5. I enjoy reading your blog every week!!! Videos are good but reading is my preference. I cut back on Halloween and emphasized Fall.