Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Our Little Weekend Cottage/ The Two Year Anniversary Update and A Video Tour

Hi, Friends, 
 How are you? I hope you are enjoying some lovely fall weather.
We have had a cool down and it is wonderful. 
Two years has just flown by hasn't it? 

We closed on our little house in East Texas two years ago. It seems a little hard to believe. 
We hit the ground running with paint, flooring, changing light fixtures, door locks etc. 
Things slowed down a little and we began working on the one out building and the property. 
We have cleared a wide walking and ATV riding path from the property to the back of the property. 

Bill is a bit of a different story because he has been busy working on his shop. He sits at a desk all week so he likes to be active on the weekend. He has been a lot of progress so not he has begun working on the little guest cabin. Right now he is moving the closet wall in order to create a little bathroom. 

I'll do a recap soon. 

What do I do when he is out working in the shop and cabin? 
I try to relax a little. 

Creative endeavors are always part of it. I painted two little mushroom painting on cardboard because I didn't have any canvases. I think they came out cute and it was fun. 

 I think of new projects that can squeeze in between the big ones that are going on. 
Our bedroom door was a problem from the get go. 
All the doors, trim and window surrounds were stained. 

Painting them helped a lot. 

Our door was 36 inches wide to accommodate a wheel chair. Because it was hollow and not shimmed properly, it would just randomly swing closed. Caroline could pop it open. Dixie never could figure out that all she had to do was bump it and it would pop open. She would get caught in our room a lot because it closed on her. If she had better friends with the cat, Caroline might have opened the door for her. They didn't bond which I guess is a blessing since we lost Dixie. 

There was a lot of discussion about which kind of door and the surround. 

We went with a two panel door. The trim had to be wide to cover up the gap between the door frame and sheet rock. 

Bill did an excellent job. 
No more swinging door and only 9 more doors to go!

We added some brackets to the mantel. 

I had these on hand so it was no new money (as Bill likes to say). 

It looks a little more grounded and less floaty, if that makes sense. It also makes it a little more my style. 

Here is a video. It helps get it traction if you comment or leave a thumbs up. 


Let's talk about that for a second. 
My city house fall home tour blog post has 128 views as of today. 
My corresponding video on YouTube has 9,900 views. 
Hmmm. I think for some reason the algorithm picked it up and promoted it. I'm not sure that will happen with every video but it has really surprised me. It's a lot of work to change things up for the seasons and holidays. I do it for me because it brings me joy and it's a creative outlet. It's been so nice to blog and share with a group of people that are like minded about decor and seasonal decorating. I'm taking photos so making a little movie about it isn't that much more work. I love writing and creating a blog post. Making a video is another creative outlet and a way for others to get to see what I'm up to and I'm always up to something. 

That's it for now. 
I hope you will have a look. 


  1. I love your cottage and am curious about where you got the small desk that's in one of the bedroom pictures. I have one exactly like it except the drawer handles are different. It's the perfect size for a small space or wall. Mine came from a local furniture upcycle shop and is a dark wood with no finish, and the texture on the top is rough. Is yours the same?

  2. What a huge change over time, Katie! I remember all those before pictures! Doing videos is fun, especially the slide shows! Glad you are venturing into that as well as the blog!

  3. I love your weekend house, it's especially pretty in fall! The corbels make a subtle but big difference. yes, more grounded. I'd like to figure out how to do videos on You Tube, guess I need to google some info. I guess you have your own channel? I know nothing about it. It all looks great, Katie, your mushroom art is just adorable!