Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Winter Light For A Cozy Winter Blog Hop

Hi, Friends,
How are you?
Welcome to the Cozy Winter Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home. I love her pops of blue. 

This is a fun hop full of ideas to inspire during this weird time between Christmas and spring. 
If you are coming from County Road 407, welcome. I know you always enjoy Cindy's darling and calming decor. 
After the last two seasons of extra, it's nice to have a clean slate after fall and Christmas decorations are packed away. Our white, neutral decor is a perfect foil for some winter minimalism. 

After a long, hot and dry summer the less harsh winter light is such a blessing. There is just enough so that it's not depressing but it is a very welcome relief after feeling like we were scorching this past summer. 
The now leafless trees allow more light to peep in through my windows. We appreciate the shade in summer but additional light is a gift I'll appreciate all winter long, especially in my kitchen. 
In this space, antique blue and white accessories mirror the blue sky outdoors. 
It's cool without being cold.

My husband gifted me these beautiful white roses. A sweet solace since I'd been down and out with the flu. 

In the last few years, I've added a view pieces of European kitchen antiques to our collection. 

The Delft Tulipiere is from Amsterdam. I cannot wait to fill it with spring tulips. 

The green and white checked valances were made from some curtains I picked up at the thrift store. 
I love switching out the valances in my kitchen windows. I really feel that fabric window treatments are due for a big comeback. These were perfect for the holiday season too. 

So, I've seem numerous YouTubers talking about how open shelves are out of style. What are you thoughts about this? I do not feel that they are. At least, I'm not sick of mine. 

Curly willow adds a little winter interest to my faux paper whites.  I cannot stand the smell of real ones. 

Switching out my art for examples that depict the season is also one of my seasonal decorating tricks. 
Currier and Ives prints are some of my favorites. 

Royal USA made their prints into a china pattern and it's quite affordable. 
It's very fun for a winter or Christmas table setting. 

Pages from my son's nursery rhyme book are tacked to our bulletin board in the garden room. 
It's the Volland Edition, illustrated by Frederick Richardson. 

Our plant corner is cozy. 

I love this greenhouse from Department 56. It was red brick but I painted it white. 
The poinsettias inside were switched out for something less Christmasy. 
I only paid $10.00 for it. I'm shocked to see that it's $159.00 at Replacements Ltd. 
Maybe, I should have left it alone. This goes with my style so much better though. 

Cozy white pillows with a cable knit pattern grace the little loveseat. This is my favorite place for my morning coffee. The pillow covers came from Hobby Lobby. 

We are blessed to have semi mild winters here in Texas. The light into our sunroom is the best. 

The dining room got a few winter bits of decor. 

I swagged some pine cone garland off of the top of the mirror. 

The tureen got some plants to bring some life to the space. This room has good morning light. 

In the entryway, a sweet display in a cloche depicts my mom pulling some siblings on a sled. 
A non antique snow baby resides next to the images. 

Blue and green flannel hearts were from the Christmas store but I bought them for winter instead. 

The mantel in the living room got another pinecone garland. 

Another photo of my mom from one of her childhood snow storms in Wisconsin. 
The antique clock was only $10.00. I found it about a year ago. 

A sweet handcrafted snowman is a souvenir from a trip we made to New York City. 

Faux candles keep the twinkle of Christmas going on a cloudy day. 

Here are a few more accessories that have been dotted about the house. 

I love little bird figurines. 

The chick a dee pair is such a sweet knick knack. 

I love the graphics on a vintage copy of Hans Brinker And The Silver Skates. It was a recent eBay purchase. 

More cable knits adorn the chairs in the T.V. room. 
The lumbar pillow was made from a sweater that my son thrifted for me. The knitted buttons are so sweet. 

That's it for now. Be sure to visit all the stops on this hop. Next up is Michelle of Thistle Key Lane. 
She perfectly shares how winter decorating doesn't have to be complicated. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Katie,
    Your home is charming and I loved seeing all your antique and vintage finds.

  2. Katie you always have the best vintage and antique accents every season! I too love the look of curtains in a kitchen. Stay cozy!

  3. So many pretty touches of blue and white Katie! I love how soft they are against your neutral color palette too. I still love open shelves. I think they're fabulous and I wish we had them in the kitchen of my childhood home all the time. So sorry to hear you have the flu. I had no idea how dangerous it could be until my Dad was recently hospitalized with it and pneumonia. Definitely give yourself lots of time to rest and recover. It takes a while to get your energy back and to feel like yourself again. Hugs and prayers, CoCo

  4. Katie, it’s so nice to see all your lovely vintage pieces again. I love blue in winter and you’ve shared some great ways to use such an iconic color.

  5. oh Katie, I really really enjoyed your winter home tour. You have so many unique wonderful elements like the gorgeous antique prints and illustrations; my favorite. The Dept. 56 Greenhouse is so wonderful. I love your mantel and the birds. Every piece is absolutely precious and something I adore. Hope you're feeling better and enjoying life. Your home is lovely and I love seeing your posts!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love all of your cozy winter decor but my fave piece has to be the photo of your mom pulling kids on a sled. Gives me all the great memories of being young and having snow days during the school year. I want to sit down and go through all the old photos with my grandma. So excited to have you join us Katie!

  7. You have the most beautiful vintage accents Katie. I love your blue and white d├ęcor and table runner. Everything is so cozy. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. The blue and white is so springy and cheerful! I love your Delft tulipiere. I'd probably use it for paint brushes and might have to seek one out.

  9. It was so fun to see all of your wintr decor scattered throughout your home. I especially love the $10 antique Kitchen clock you found. I have two that are very similar and love them both.

  10. I'm loving all your vintage displays, but that little green house is just adorable. I would have painted it too LOL! It's so fun to see your kitchen and all your pretty blue accents!

  11. You have so many pretty and unique vintage pieces and they mix so beautifully with your home decor. I love your table runners too. Such a beautiful tour - and so cozy for winter! I hope you feel better soon. My family and I have been sick for weeks so I understand...not a great winter health-wise. Great to hop with you!

  12. Oh there are too many things to love! That clock for $10? Love it! All the antique and vintage winter pictures are amazing and of course I am loving your blues and European antiques. The pictures of your mom are wonderful! Also love the graphics on your Ebay book. Such a cozy and homey winter tour!

    I will tell you what I think...I think we should not care what people say is "in" and "out" in the decorating world! I am so tired of this comparison game and constant changes in trends that people are clamouring to follow. I am guilty of being "influenced" myself and trying to keep up with it all and it's impossible. By the time you put in the open shelves, it's only been a couple of years and now "they" say it's phasing out? I love your home because you decorating it with meaningful treasures that speak to your heart. Of course we want to add a few trendy things in and switch things up every couple of years with accessories or even paint, but I cannot afford or mentally deal with all of these crazy decorating trends! I am going back to my love of English country cottage in our new home. I will try to keep things modern a bit so it doesn't look dated with some on trend things but otherwise living with what makes me happy.

    Was that a rant? Not at you! Just been thinking about this so much as we are working on our new house, literally worried if I use one color or put cabinets up or should I use open shelves, will it be out of style next year? Then I just got a reality grip and realized I don't even like half the things that are popular so who cares?

    Okay, anyway...LOVE your tour and so glad you joined us. Keep the shelves, they are perfect in your space. :)

  13. Your home(s) always look so lovely and inviting - beautiful without looking 'hands off'. I think it's especially nice because you have so many personal treasures. I can't possible keep up with all of what's in or out in any given year, so I just do what I want, lol. The influencers need people to buy new stuff all the time - that's their job after all. But we can choose to ignore them if we like ... or not :-)