Thursday, December 29, 2022

How To Decorate For Winter After Christmas

Hi, Friends,
I hope you are well. 
I hope you have had a blessed holiday season. 
There is no other time like the weird time when all the Christmas decor is put away. There is still a long time until spring. I actually love when a lot of the saturated color is put away and all the soft, cozy neutrals and cooler tones are pulled out.

I've been looking through my archives at some of my favorite ways to decorate for winter after Christmas. 
I rarely repeat something twice but I do have favorite things that I pull out every year. 

A photo of my mom pulling my siblings on a sled is a treasure. The snowflake sign was an after Christmas clearance because it needed a bit of repair. 

The bird print is from Edith Holden's Diary of Edwardian Lady. 

The chickadee pair is my favorite accessory for winter. They are so darling. 
Faux paperwhites and tulips in white add interest to the mantel. I still left some fairy lights out to keep a cozy glow. I miss the twinkly lights when Christmas decor is put away. 

The black and white snowman in the photo above was a thrifted find. I love that he is not too Christmasy. 

A snowy landscape watercolor rests on the old holiday cupboard. 

Cozy white knitted throws and pillows are a must. 

Mittens and scarves can become part of the decor. 
A winter foraging expedition yielded enough for an impromptu arrangement in our camper. 

Finally, a classic blue and white scheme reflects winter's colder temperatures. 

I'm a bit under the weather so my winter redecoration is taking a while this year. 
I'll be back to show off the highlights. 
Have a  Happy New Year! 


  1. Love your winter decorations. Hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year.

  2. I love the blue/white color scheme for January. The chickadees and juncos are here every early evening at the feeders. I actually love this time of year, but I know so many don't. Hope you feel better soon.