Friday, August 4, 2023

Hello, August/Sunflower Decorating To Ease Into Fall

Hello, Friends,
How are you? How's the weather where you are? It is so very hot here and has been for weeks and weeks.
I'm excited for August because it has to mean that the heat is almost over. Let's hope. 

Pulling out the sunflower tote is a fun way to while away the hot summer days. It's also a great way to ease into the fall season. My classroom had a sunflower theme so it always sweet to pull out this very familiar motif. I've purged a lot of my seasonal decor but I've kept my favorite items and faux flowers that are most realistic looking. I will pop in a few real bouquets through out the month but fake will have to do in between grocery runs. 

Putting them in a pretty transferware pitcher helps to take them to the next level. 

A ball jar full of faux sunflowers and a watercolor from Italy rest on the nesting tables that we are using for a coffee table. We took the gigantic cocktail ottoman out to East Texas for the cabin. 
It was useful but it was always to too big. 
I would love to midegate some of the brown in this room since this is where I sit in the evening but I don't 
want to spend any money and I do not want to make any more slip covers. So for now, I live with the brown. 

Bending the stems of the sunflowers a little where they would naturally droop helps them to look a little more realistic. These came from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. 

My cousin gifted me my aunt and uncle's every day china. It is Vineyard by Metlox- Poppytrail- Vernon. Metlox bought molds by Vernon Kilns in 1958.  This china is what I remember most about visiting their house during the summer. Coming from a family of six, ( five being boys) it stood out that we were trusted to eat off of this china as children. At home we ate off of Melmac which was some sort of plastic. 

A Le Creuset pie bird stands guard with a yellow cone flower pick. Cone flowers or black eyed Susans are also great little flowers for August. 

A painting of Van Gogh done by our daughter stands on the dresser in the corner of the living room. 
She was a prolific painter during H.S and college. I don't know if this was a project for school or something she did for fun. 

Another painting signifying the First Grade musical in which Rebekah was a sunflower but wanted to be a butterfly is hung in the garden room. She was a beautiful sunflower, in my opinion. It's always amazing how childhood events can make an impact long after childhood. 

I adore this painting too. 

Don't let that serene dappling sunlight in this photo fool you. It has been brutal. 

My sister painted the tiny water color for our anniversary. 
 It is 40 flowers for 40 years of marriage. 

My new oak leaf hydrangeas started producing blooms this year. I was only able to dry four of them. I used to get 20 or 30 from our previous bush. 

A thrifted coffee canister sits in the kitchen. I found it last year at one of my favorite thrift shops. 

It's pretty cute. I feel like it is older Big Lots or somewhere like that. 
The internet is abuzz with full on fall but I cannot do that. I give you a little sunflower inspiration to tide you over until it is time for pumpkins. 
That's all for now. We're headed to our other house where there will be more sunflower inspiration to come. 
Bye for now. 


  1. Hi Katie - I'm glad you are surviving the heat. My daughter and her family just moved from the Spokane area to Dallas and they are finding the heat brutal. I'm in the Pacific NW where daytime temperatures are in the 80's this time of the year. But we have cold, rainy winters with some snow. I love all your sunflowers and think this decor is a wonderful transition from summer decor to autumn. I also love all your unique art and the memories with each piece. I hope you have a great weekend at your country home. Blessings!

    1. Thank you. I feel very sorry for those that aren't used to it. I've been here 46 years and it is getting to me.

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