Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Transiting From Summer To Fall In East Texas With Sunflowers

I almost bought a house sight unseen in Indiana on Saturday. I'm about done in with this heat. It is relentless.I have no money of my own and Bill wasn't sold on the idea. Why? He thinks this has been a normal summer. Ha. No! 
A lot of my family is from Indiana. The high on Saturday was 80 there. The high in Texas was 110. It is supposed to be in the 60s in the morning. I will think I've gone to heaven. 

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I think that I've given you a taste of how I have been. There are a lot of grumpy Texans this summer that is for sure. I feel very sorry for those that have moved from California. 

While I wait semi-patiently for the cool front to arrive, I painted the inside of the lower cabinets in the kitchen out in East Texas. I painted the inside of the uppers about a year and half ago. I did that for aesthetics. This was for my safety. Ha. I've spotted my fifth scorpion so far this season. I refuse to stick my hand in a cabinet that is the same color as a scorpion. No more! 

It was so dark in these cabinets. They stained them but didn't do a finish coat so they were rough and splintery feeling. They are the most inexpensive cabinets on the market according to Bill. He hopes to replace them all at some point. 

The pot and pan cabinet is the one that I use the most, so I started with it. It is much better and it's all organized too. The cupcake tins belong in another cabinet that is currently drying. 
I don't scream anymore when I see them. I just calmly smash the living daylights out of them. 
We are on our third summer of extermination. We need new exterior doors because those scorpions are waltzing right in our current doors. 

Let's get to the point of this post, shall we? 

Sunflowers are such a good bridge between summer and fall. The golden yellow tones help usher in the warmer hues of fall. They speak the language of late summer as they mimic the summer sun. 

I pulled out the calendar banner from 1967. It is identical to 2023. How fun is that? 
I wish I pulled it out earlier in the year. 

A calendar towel from a recent antiquing jaunt sports a pretty sunflower. 
The yellow checked towel was a clearance find last summer. I've been very into yellow so sunflowers are a perfect addition to our decor. 

We took down a huge upper cabinet the first day we stayed here. I love having wall space for art and accessories. I don't miss the cabinet at all. This kitchen is well designed and it has tons of storage. 

I noticed that a little metal pitcher has a sunflower motif. I love this super tarnished piece. 

The little plate is Blue Ridge Pottery. It's a darling. 

Taking down the microwave made room for a cute little shelf. We picked it up at the neighbors garage sale and I like having it for seasonal tidbits. 

The dining area got a few things. I received the napkins from a friend as a hostess gift. 

In between real bouquets, black eyed Susans pounce in a pitcher. 

The little hanging shelves also get some seasonal bits. 

I love saving seed packets and using them for reference but also for display. I didn't even try sunflowers this summer because they just don't work for me for some reason. 

A little corn teapot belonged to my husband's grandparents. Dried sunflowers rest next to it. 

In the living room. I displayed my favorite primitive sunflower. I picked it up last year at a craft mall. 

I have tried to make prim flowers but they do not turn out like this one but mine are cute anyway.

The mantel got another piece from Blue Ridge Pottery and some faux posies in a pitcher. 
The pattern is called Yellow Nocturne. 

A beautiful pillow from Pottery Barn rests on the couch. 

The screened in porch got the rest of the sunflower pillows. 

Finally, a bouquet from the farmer's market is displayed in a milk glass pitcher. 

That does it for me. 
Have you done any transitional decorating? 
I just love sunflower time. It gives me hope that fall and fall weather aren't far away. 
See you soon. 


  1. i really feel for you all down there in that heat. We've been up to 100 several days this summer, but it's just too much for me. Good idea to paint the inside of cabinets; they look so fresh and clean. Love all your sunflower decor. They are my definite go-to for late summer into early fall!

  2. I'm so sorry about your extended extreme heat. Since my daughter and family moved to the Dallas area I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for that area. I'm not sure I could handle that kind of heat! I do love the sunflowers in your decor! So cheerful and fun for late summer into fall. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Blessings!

  3. Your sunflower displays are beautiful! I especially like the Blue Ridge Pottery plate. I am displaying a cute sunflower in an embroidery hoop found at Walmart!
    Jan H

  4. I love your sunflower collection, with linens and plates and crafts. The flow blue is a nice accent for the yellow. I never thought about finding scorpions in the house or cupboard! I hope that Texas becomes cools down for you.

  5. Southern and Central California are just as hot (or even hotter), when you're more than 5 miles from the ocean. September is the worst month there. Either a thick brown "inversion" (smog) layer ~ or the Santa Ana winds come (change direction, so off the desert at 80 mph. The humidity drops to single digits and the temperature is triple digits. The air is sucked out of you when you walk outside. 18-wheelers constantly blow over ~ and that's when the fires start. So, now you have ash in the air to deal with too. So, no ~ don't feel sorry for them.