Saturday, September 9, 2023

Easing Into Fall Decorating With Apples, Pears and Warm Rich Tones

Hi, Friends,
How are you?

Fall in Texas is an odd time. By the time the leaves begin to change, it is time to decorate for Christmas. 
Clipping branches in cozy fall colors just doesn't happen here in a time frame that is reasonable and a plethora of plastic pumpkins just doesn't do it for me anymore. That being said, I do enjoy a good fall decorate with me video. Some content creators decorate for fall in September and then decorate for Halloween in October. I don't have Halloween decor anymore so that isn't an issue for me. Orange is my least favorite color, so I tend to limit its use until October. 
As well, it was 109 degrees yesterday. Our never ending summer is getting on my last nerve. While we yearn for fall, it's no where close to arriving. 

A few early fall touches are appropriate and I've layered a few into our decor. I thought I'd show them to you. Decorating for fall can be a gradual process and it's my preference. 
I sprinkle sunflowers about in August. Their arrival in the grocery store is the signal that it is time for them. 
Apples and pears are put out in September and pumpkins and other fall tidbits arrive in October. 

I'd love to have a bowl full of beautiful Honey Crisp Apples or Red Anjou Pears but we cannot eat them and they will spoil. Because of that, I've gone with faux. A few years ago, I rounded up the best looking faux fruit that I could find at our local stores. Tuesday Morning had great faux fruit.

I've dotted in some apple knick knacks. My old classroom caused me to be on the look out for apples that could sit on my desk. 

A ceramic apple from a retailer sits next to an apple painting that I found on eBay. When the painting arrived it was so much more diminutive than I thought it would be but never the less, I love it. 
It sits on the window sill. Getting granite sills to match the counter was an excellent idea from my granite guy. I love these. They are easy to clean and they never need repainting.

A few copper pieces were pulled out of storage for the cozy months. 

Copper is a great way to transition into the russet tones of the season. 
It also gives the kitchen a European feel. 

A stone apple and some dried florals also ease our home into fall and the coming cozy weather. 

The flowers are remnants of our cooler than usual spring. 
You'd think that Texas has a long growing season but our flowers really stop blooming with the arrival of the heat. 
I love the little marble apple with the brass leaf. Brass accents are a great nod to the richer, warm tones of fall as well. 

An apple painting got a remake. You might have seen it if you follow me on Instagram

Here is what it looked like before I repainted the background, cut it down, and then framed it. 

I didn't really understand what was in the background. 
I loved that it had grapes to coordinate with my aunt's teapot. 

A little posy full of faux dried flowers looks really real. Can you spot the one real rose? 
A tiny printable of summer flowers can sit out all year long. 

I found a Victorian music stand at the thrift store for $29.00. We love books so it's perfect to nestle in some of our collection. The little plant stand with brass trays was found the same day. It was marked $49.00 but all furniture was on sale. The music stand was marked housewares so it wasn't on sale. 

I adore this duo of tables. 

Remnant pieces from my grandmother's tea set have a fine, hand painted gold detail. 
These had been tucked in a cabinet for the summer. 

A Royal Doulton figurine with a coral cloak is safe behind glass. It continues the color story. 
The vase has Nandina leaves that are an accurate depiction of the outside. 

We had a big thunderstorm last night after our extremely hot day. It knocked out the power for a bit but thank heavens it came back on a few hours later. 
Our high today is a mere 96. It does signal that change is on the way after our historic summer of heat. 
Can we just stop with history making weather events? 

I'll be back soon. 
My sweet Aunt Susan died August 26th.  I'll be back to write about her soon when I feel up to it. 
I'm a tad emotional right now. If you have been with me a while, you will know that piddling around the house helps with grief. 

That's all for now! 


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Aunt Susan. And the heat doesn't help. You'll be in my prayers.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. And I completely agree with this Texas weather getting on your last nerve - mine, too. Can't we please have some cooler weather? Before December, please...

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss! I hope your days are growing cooler. Your fall decorating is beautiful and I enjoy the photos you share. Blessings!

  4. I don't know why my comment came through as anonymous! But the last comment was from Shirley in Washington. Blessings!