Friday, October 13, 2023

New Sofa For East Texas And Moving Furniture Around

Hi, Friends,
How are you?

The new sofa is here!! It is beautiful and I have already enjoyed a nap or two. 
It fits perfectly in the room. We didn't even need to move the end tables. 

When we saw the house for the first time, I was already in love with another house so I didn't really get a good look at this one. Additionally, it was Covid, so we breezed through pretty quickly. The first house fell through so we took another look at this one. There were a lot of details to take in and the house was pretty full of stuff.  In my mind. the house was pretty small. I totally underestimated the amount of furniture that would fit. 
I thrifted a little loveseat for $19.00. I made a slip cover out of cotton duck. 

It was way too small but it was some where to sit. 

We had a hard time finding furniture because of supply chain issues but we were able to find the behemoth loveseat at a local furniture place for a reasonable deal. The selling point, was that we were able to take it right away. As soon as I put it in the house, I knew that it wasn't love. It was too overstuffed but after a long day of DIY, it was comfortable so it stayed. 
Eventually, we picked up a sleeper loveseat for the front sitting room.
 It took twelve weeks before it was delivered. 

We've had one person sleep on it. It is vastly uncomfortable. 
We moved it to the living room which created a cozy seating corner. 

As I began to think about moving out here full time, I knew the behemoth was not the look that I wanted. I decided that there was enough room for a 82 inch sofa and Haverty's still had a sofa available in the same line and fabric. I didn't let Bill in on my thought process. I went to Haverty's and got all the ducks in a row. All that remained was to click on an email and pay. I gave Bill the paperwork and told him what I was thinking. He needed to sleep on it but in the end he decided that it was best to buy the sofa now because in two years, we might not be able to find one to match. 
It was delivered with in a week. How times have changed since 2020. 
It is the Allison 82 inch sofa in Wheat. I like it because it is not oversized in scale. It's also very tailored which Bill prefers. 

I had an idea of where the other sofas should go but I wasn't sure they would fit. I wasn't even sure if the overstuffed loveseat would fit through the doorway but it did and it isn't to large for the room. 

Bill loves sitting on this to watch T.V. in the evenings. 

The littlest loveseat fit in the guest room after we moved the bed. 

It works for now and it is someplace for guests to put an over night bag. 

We moved both of the loveseats and waited for the delivery of the sofa.  
My only worry that the dye lots of the fabric would be noticeably different since it had been two years. 
I was a little anxious while we waited for the sofa. Haverty's has a great system where we could see all the scheduled deliveries and where they were in relation to our delivery. They got here and unwrapped the sofa. The dye lots are just fine. Whew! 

The pillows that came with these were a no for me so I stitched up some covers out of some rejected linen that a friend ordered for a client. 

I couldn't wait to play with the pillows. The needlepoint pillow used to be a seat cover. The green velvet was thrifted. 

 This time my method of doing things worked out. Sometimes my frugal nature ends up costing us more money. I'm glad that everything fell into place. 
I can also begin to image this house with a more traditional interior rather than farmhouse, cabin or country. I've explored all three of those genres out here which has been fun to do but after experimenting with other styles, I'm leaning into my natural style which is a tad fancier. 

I inherited a few sweet treasures from my sweet Aunt Susan. She also leaned into her love for family heirlooms and fancier things. 
You will see those soon. 


  1. I love the couch and glad that the dye lots are a match! I appreciate you sharing the process - admitting that the other couches just weren't working. I tend to struggle with admitting my purchasing mistakes and try to live with the item that I end up not liking or just doesn't fit an area. Blessings!

  2. Your new sofa Looks very comfy and works well in your room. We've had a new sofa for over a year and I haven't taken any photos...Sadly our plans to paint walls hasn't come to fruition. Don't you wonder why furniture is so huge, now? And small furniture is so poorly made and disposable apparently, and I think your sofa, I do think it much like ours....!