Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Fall Decor Around The House

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. Are you enjoying the season?
It is flying by so I thought I should show you some of our fall vignettes. I'll also point out a few of the things that were passed down to me from my aunt. 
Let's get to it. 

I've had a concrete squirrel for several years. This year he decided he didn't want to be out in the heat so I created a sweet spot for him on the little French commode. 

One of our treasured sm Wollman Designs pumpkins sits nearby. Since this has been her last season, I'm thrilled that I have two of them. 

The other takes a place of honor on the Starsky, The Hutch. 
In a genius move, my cousin created a little vignette in her cutlery caddy. We have only kept remotes in ours. As soon as I got home, I created a little vignette in mine. I'm on the look out for more feathers. 

My collected feathers are at the other house. These were purchased. A few are faux. The rest came out of an arrangement of some kind. My cousin keeps her collected feathers in a vase. She senses the presence of the Lord when she finds a feather out in the wild. She and I are so much alike and we have many of the same decorative objects. Hers was a bluebird but I noticed she had the same little bird.  

A sweet primitive portrait was an Etsy find. The seller is Earlythings1776 in case you are inclined to hunt for some cute prints. They are distressed somehow so that they look old. 

A few brown transferware pieces are snugged in with the white ironstone. 

Raz Imports finally had another sample sale this summer. It was their first one in years and I missed them.  Even though the prices were much higher, I picked up this wall bird cage at a good price. Inside sits one of my favorite metal birds with one of my favorite faux pumpkins. The faux bittersweet came from Craft Direct. I usually order some real but time got away from me this year. Our hot September probably didn't help. I wasn't feeling in the mood for fall. 

The centerpiece on the dining room table is by far my favorite display. 
The sweet sculptures were given to me by my cousin. They belonged to my aunt and my grandmother before her. They are marked but I can't really decipher the name. I just love them. I almost didn't take them and had to sleep on it. I'm so glad that I brought them home. They sit on a silver tray surrounded by real oak branches, a faux pumpkin and a few faux stems.  

The barley twist candlesticks came from Caboose Antiques in Shreveport. 

When I got the little music stand, I moved a little cabinet to the dining room. I've struggled knowing what to put in this spot. I think this is the best so far. It also holds the precious silver service that belonged to my parents. In an ode to cuteness, my favorite little scarecrow sits in the corner holding a little pumpkin head. 

He is a cutie. 

A selection of acorns rests in a glass dish. This moser glass dish is the type that my aunt collected. My mom would find it for her. I imagine the two of them out antiquing. I doubt that happens in heaven but it's bittersweet to imagine it. 

Turquoise and aqua pop in the corner cupboard. 

The two turquoise pieces belonged to my aunt. My cousin has an identical aqua pitcher. Bill said it was uncanny being in her house and seeing a lot the same stuff we own.  My cousin and I we have only shopped together a few times but we did a lot of Barbie house decorating back in our day. It's weird but sweet. 

We are loving our new light fixture. 

The mantel in the living room got a squirrel nutcracker and my favorite autumnal toned painting. 

A sweet shepherd from my aunt sits on the hearth. My cousin has one identical to this. 

Another squirrel hangs out on the music cabinet. 

My aunt's favorite vase got some dried hydrangeas. It also belonged to my grandmother. I love how it makes me think of my aunt. I never knew my grandmother on that side of the family. She died a year before I was born. 

Finally, a new pillow from the Raz warehouse sale is nestled on the couch. 

That's about it. I'll have more of my recent acquisitions to show you soon. 
In my poking around for Christmas inspiration, a noticed a few more long time bloggers have called it quits. I don't plan on doing that because I still prefer this medium over all others. 
See you soon. 


  1. I always enjoy your lovely vignettes and family treasures, Katie. You have so many unique and wonderful antiques. Starsky is a perfect display spot. Hope you're having a good October.

  2. You truly have some delicious old curated for many years I suspect. Love the groupings and the warm earthy tones...such a relief from gray/white boredom. Sandi