Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Holiday-Seasonal Cupboard

Hi, Friends, How are you?
I hope you are fabulous. 

My friend, Debra, from Common Ground calls one of her cupboards the Holiday Cupboard. 
I adopted that for our old Dish dresser before it was relegated to the garage. It's been all over the house. It's most recent local was the garden room but it was a little too tall. I found an 80's cupboard at the thrift store earlier this year. It is so cute. After come cleaning up, it is perfect to hold gardening books and supplies. Additionally, it holds seasonal or holiday trinkets.

I initially styled it with garden-y for spring/summer and switched it out for fall a few weeks ago.  I love squirrels and have thrifted them for about 15 years. I adore this darling little jar. I keep thinking that I can part with it but I never can. 

The squirrels in my yard are very well behaved but I'm sure if you have naughty squirrels, you wouldn't want to immortalize them. 

I love that my cutesier stuff can be behind glass. There isn't a ton of space with only two shelves but there is enough. I love that there is counter for the little lamp and my precious brass bird cage. 

I found the chipmunk at the Christmas store. He's a darling. 

I bought the Audubon's Wildlife: The Quadrupeds Of North America of off eBay so that I could tear out and use the prints. Mine came from an East Texas college library which I thought was fun. A librarian told me that they sold it, not because he'd been canceled but because it was too big of a book and nobody was checking it out. We passed Oakely Plantation when we went to visit my cousin. I wished we could have stopped but we thought it wasn't open anymore. 

I've used several pages out of this book. It's more than paid for itself. 

How do you feel about mushroom decor? 

Hobby Lobby has some with their Christmas decor. 
My husband made me one of these. 

The little book table got a few little bits too. 

That is all for now. 
I'm trying to decide how I'll style this for Christmas - elves maybe?  Styling a new piece is always fun.
See you soon. 


  1. Perfect, everyone needs a cupboard to play in. I have naughty squirrels but I still love to watch them. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!

  2. My husband still wants to install a squirrel sling shot...they are very naughty here...LOL. You have a gorgeous collection of them, though!