Sunday, December 3, 2023

Christmas Vignettes In The Living Room

Hi Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well. 
I thought I'd share some of my living room vignettes with you. 

Pulling out our finds from our Germany trip was such fun. I love the classic blue of the Delft bell. 
The little sleigh is a Monet box. This little vignette is in the shadow of the tree so it glows a little. 

I had a goal to use almost all of our decor this year. A big summer purge when it was in the 100s probably wasn't the best idea. I've been looking for a few things that I gave away but it's given me an opportunity to thrift some new things.  

I found this little glass nativity a few months ago. These could be found at discount stores in the 90s. We had one and it was probably sold at a garage sale. It's simplicity drew me back in. It's small so it can be tucked in anywhere. The stable is a farmhouse style candle holder. I used a heat gun and hack saw to remove the glass votive holder and a metal candle ring. The little angel is a vintage one made in Italy. 

The small concrete angel was found at an estate sale. 

The sacred theme continues with my little collection of animals surrounding a Lenox baby Jesus. This year I added a little donkey to my collection of sheep. 

Years ago, my aunt gifted a metal sheep like this to my step mom.  I hunted for and found mine on eBay. We had a family reception for my aunt at her friend's house. There was an identical sheep on the coffee table. My cousin said that it must have been something she bought at the Dallas Market and gifted to everyone. She has a special metal wreath for the holidays. 

Klompen from The Netherlands wait for treats from Sinterklaas. 

Boxwood garland from Hobby Lobby is dressed simply with big loopy velvet bows. 
I love this garland because it doesn't shed. 

Bells have been trending the last few years. Mine are thrifted. 

I bought blue and white lamps in 2020, so now I feel locked into a blue and white scheme. 

We believe, the 1920's portrait is of my great aunt Jessie. 

I prefer Old World Santas instead of an American version of Santa. 
The big Santa was thrifted last year for $24.00. What a deal. It's so much fun. 

The vintage looking print was found at the summer Raz Warehouse Sale. The red ceramic Santa was a clearance find last year. 

Holly from the yard decorates an old wooden box. 

I think that will do it for now. I hope to be back soon. 

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