Monday, December 4, 2023

Sweet Gingerbread 2023 Kitchen

Hi Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Welcome to our Christmas kitchen. 

As I looked over my photos from 2022, I realized that I went pretty minimal. I'm sure traveling last December had something to do with that but I wanted to pull out some of my favorite gingerbread decor. It's my favorite theme for our kitchen so I started working on a few new things back in October. 

I'd found a big gingerbread house after Christmas a couple of years ago. I can't find it in any of my old photos so it must have gotten on my nerves. It was very glittery so I gave it away this past summer. I wanted to craft some smaller gingerbread houses to fit on the shelves instead. I set about painting some. 

Bill cut me some wood houses a few years ago. I grabbed one and rounded up a few others. One of my thrift stores has Christmas out starting in July. I was able to grab a little ceramic tea light cottage to repaint. 

I found the darling mushroom pick at Joanns. 

A rotund gingerbread gal was found at Hobby Lobby. I thought her face was darling and she was only $9.00. Her clothing however was very cheap looking. She was worth trying to give her a primitive makeover. 

It took some self control to pack her away until after Thanksgiving. 
What a cutie. 

We have had a small wooden cabinet for years. I so wish that it would snug under the cabinets but it won't. I've struggled to find a place for it and finally decided to place it behind the sink in the corner. 
I knew it would be darling with one of my vintage Santa mugs. 

If you have visited with me much, you know that I love switching out my valances for the seasons. 
These red and ecru checked set was found on eBay. 

One window sill got a pitcher of holly and a white Santa mug. I used to see these everywhere. Not anymore. They are so hard to find. 

An estate sale gingerbread man also got a primitive makeover. He hangs out in the antique salt box. 

A cute Etsy gingerbread man with no eyes was found this fall. I like the crafts that I make but I love finding crafts by other people. 

I started the little guy in the centerpiece two or three years ago. He finally was finished for this year. 

This year the kitchen is a good mix of handmade and store bought. 

I'll show you our darling garden room soon. There's more gingerbread to see in there. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
See you soon. 

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  1. Everything looks so charming! Just the right amount of color and holiday cheer. You are right about the lack of vintage Santa mugs on thrift store shelves. I am happy that I found a couple of them in good condition years ago. Plus, I have 4 that belonged to my mom. The paint came off over the years and they are now white just like the one you have on the window sill. Have a Merry Christmas! Linda