Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting a Bound Carpet

We have been on a quest to warm up our living area.
Read about it here.
and here.
Mr. Bill and I had a dilemma.

 We tiled about 500 square feet of our downstairs about 6 years ago when we had a big flood. 
I hated carpet.
2 dogs
3 birds
2 cats
3 teenagers.
Do you see where I am going with this?
 Tile just seemed like the smart thing to do with in a family with so much potential for messes.
One by one the birds died. :/
Sadly 3 of our older pets went on to their great reward.
And finally the three teenagers grew up and moved out.
 The new hot mess of a pup is house broken and now it's just  the three of us.
Well.. except for this guy.
But really he only comes in to eat  
  and sniff shoes.  

 So we were stuck with  this huge sea of tile everywhere with no real need for it anymore. 

A bound carpet would be just the thing to warm up the space without cracking up 500 square feet of tile. 

When we bought our new carpet for the upstairs last year, the carpet guy told us that we should consider a bound carpet for our living area.

We measured how big we wanted the carpet, keeping in mind that the front two legs of each piece of furniture have to sit on the carpet.
I don't know why, but that seems to be the "rule."

We were thrilled that they still had the same carpet as the upstairs. It is a different dye lot but the edge of the carpeted stair and the rug are about 5 feet apart. 

Basically we paid the price of the carpet per yard 
the pad
a small fee to bind the carpet.
It took exactly three weeks and only $340 dollars for our completely custom area carpet. There is no way we could have found any kind of rug for that price in the size we needed.
We laid out the pad and cut it to size. It needs to be 2 1/2 inches smaller than the carpet so the carpet will lay flat over the edge of the pad.
Bill used carpet tape to adhere the carpet edges to the floor until it is trained to lay down.

Oh vacuum cleaner lines, I have missed you so. :)
I am smitten again with the flooring down here. I have the comfort and warmth of carpet but tile in the entry where I need it,
Double win!
Next up? 
 T.V. storage. 
Stay tuned....
Sprinkled with carpet,
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  1. That's a great price. I love the warmth it adds to the room!

  2. Oh yeah, you would have spent a lot of time cleaning your home if you had a carpet six years ago. Your pets would have had a lot of fun tearing at it. Hehe. But I think it’s a good idea to try something new and add a carpet into the fray. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be promising. It actually made a big difference! :)


  3. The living room looks good. It came out nicely. :) Good motif for the room, by the way. Remember that regular carpet maintenance will extend the quality life of the carpet, so make sure to call a carpet maintenance provider once a year.

    Brain Ventris

  4. Okay...so a year and a half after your post, I have a question. (-: Did you have to go with a thin pad so that the bound edges would "learn" to lie flat? I want to make a very cushioned floor for an elderly relative at risk of falling and am wondering if wall-to-wall carpet is my only good option. (It will be laid over hardwood floor.) Thank you for sharing your project!

    1. The bound edges are completely flat because we taped them to the floor with carpet tape. There is an edge but I've never tripped. We didn't get thin pad because we wanted it cushy to walk on but you could get a thinner pad. I am very pleased with how this has held up. Thanks for asking.