Thursday, November 8, 2012

Antique Spool Cabinet

I wanted to showcase one of my favorite garage sale treasures.
It was five dollars quite a few years ago. 
Okay, maybe 17??
It seems like yesterday.

I found some wonderful things at garage sales when we first bought this house. 
My friend, Michelle and I were very adept at loading up the kids and heading out on Friday mornings.

 My favorite piece really is this darling spool cabinet.
It was covered in green paint.
I think that if I found it today, I might keep it green, but at the time I wanted it to look like it just came out of the general store.

 Originally it wouldn't have had legs. The drawers would have sat on the counter.
At some point people added leg to these cabinets and they became end tables.
My mom had hers ever since I can remember. She had  a Goff"s Best Braid cabinet. 
The legs on mine are quite primitive.
Whoever put them on did a good job, they aren't wobbly at all.
Antique Spool Cabinet
I see these spool cabinets sometimes in antique malls. They are about $300.00 every time I see one. 
I guess they are quite collectible.
 This one was not difficult to strip. 
It must have been painted right over un-primed wood because the paint came off easily.

 I repainted the drawer fronts black.
I finally after years and years and years I've found a stencil to fix the letters. 
I am a little chicken to try it though.

 I am smitten with the brown and black together. 
I told you how I didn't think the scheme worked but it does. 
The Rayo kerosene lamp my dad rewired is sitting on it.

This piece makes me smile. I love to sew. It's the perfect little end table.

The garden room is one of our more casual spaces. 
A perfect place for a school desk (here)
 and a spool cabinet.
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  1. What a fabulous piece! Love the brown and black together!

  2. Hi Katie
    I absolutely adore your spool cabinet! What a terrific find. I'm now addicted to estate sales and swap meets. My husband has learned to humor me with my newfound hobby. I'm a new follower and look forward to catching up on your other posts. Hope you can come by and visit me at and say hello.

    Altered Artworks

    1. I would love to stop by. Thanks for following. I look forward to seeing your treasures.