Sunday, November 4, 2012

Camping Weekend

We went camping a few weekends ago. 
It was a beautiful fall day.

We camp in a trailer out at my brother's property.
It isn't huge but it beats camping in a tent.
I  thought it would be fun to take some pics. My own version of glamping.

When we bought the trailer I immediately changed the bedspread.
The one that came with the trailer was Oriental in style and the fabric was very cheesy. I think we gave it away.
It didn't really even match the camper.

You know how I love my matelasse.
I shopped for rusty, red linens to go with the upholstery.

My mom made the needlepoint pillow.
I love, love vintage needlepoint.
 The little slide-out gives us a tad more room.
We have a DVD player and T.V for when it is just the two of us camping. If there is a group we sit around the campfire.
Our choice for the interior were red, blue or beige. 
This one had the best cabinet, counter top and flooring color.

 We have everything we need in the kitchen.
The best thing we have in the trailer is a full bathroom. I didn't take a picture of it, well because it is just a bathroom.
It has a separate bath tub and shower instead of a shower that sprays all over. It was very high on my priority list. 
I don't like roughing it. 
It is small but cozy.
We are outside for the most part, anyway.


It is fun to feed the longhorns.
This one is my namesake.
She was born the weekend of my 50th birthday party.

She is such a sweetie.

These two are inseparable.

It was a fun and beautiful weekend.

Sprinkled with a weekend of relaxation,
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  1. Love your camper. I'd have to have the amenities too! I want my shower. :) Looks like a great place to have a quiet weekend.

  2. I love camping, too. It's been years since we have done it. Lovely property. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Pattie. It is such a restful time. Thank you for stopping by.