Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Mantel

Mr. Bill said I could paint the mantel.
I didn’t waste anytime pulling out the paint in case he changed his mind.
The project turned into a mantel surround.
You can read about it here. 
I couldn't wait to decorate it for Christmas.
I wanted white and green with a little silver sparkle.
I found this darling white stocking at the thrift store for just a dollar.
I knew that I had a couple of white stockings for my white mantel when we lived in Lubbock.
I searched this house for them, but I guess at some point I gave them away. 
This year I wanted to use greenery from the grocery store or cut from the yard.
My Christmas picks were all pretty old and I didn't want to replace them.
 I am trying to dial it back this year. The last two years I have gone overboard with the decor buying. 
I didn't want to buy anymore new stuff and
my only caveat to that, has been my junky finds. 

I kept my main elements the same.
I added a mirrored cone and a celluloid reindeer. 
Celluloid was the precursor to plastic.  It was used back in the late 1800's.
I think this darling reindeer is from the 1930's.

Vintage Celluloid Reindeer

Love it!
 His eye glints in the light.
 I got 4 of them from my Mother-in-law. They came attached to Santa pulling his sleigh but the reindeer were gigantic next to Santa.
 I thought for sure that at some point the two sets were "married" to create a vignette, but I have since seen them on e-bay as one. I guess the reindeer would have had to be huge to pull all those gifts in Santa's sleigh. 
 For my purposes Santa is hanging out in the tree this year.

 It looks cozy and festive with the fireplace lit.
We are having a really warm fall. I hope that there will be more opportunities to have a cozy fire this Christmas. 
Today it was 80!
Sprinkled with a warm and white,
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  1. Katie your family room is so pretty! That gate looks perfect in front of your fireplace! LOVE that sweet vintage santa sleigh!And your tree is gorgeous too!

  2. Oh, everything is so pretty! I love the olden Santie and the big reindeer! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Your mantle is so beautiful! Thanx for coming to THT and sharing with us all.