Monday, April 8, 2013

New Upholstered Chair

Mr. Bill enclosed the porch and finished out the sunroom when the kids were teenagers. We had to have a quiet place in the midst of video games and garage bands. Bill did most of his T.V. watching out there but now that the kids are grown we could actually move back into the house for T.V. and movies. Bill had most of the say in the furnishing and decorating of his man cave.
He got a new media cabinet.
He built his coffee table. Read about it here.
 We found the leather loveseat and chair at an outlet kind of place called The Dump.
It matched an ottoman I picked up at the consignment store.

But, we had this old worn out chair.
You can see where our old dearly departed orange kitty used to sharpen his claws.

My sister had taken some of her old chairs to be reupholstered in leather and fabric. The transformation was amazing, so Bill and I wanted to do the same thing with this chair.
We bought our materials and then did nothing for a year.
We found the hide at Tandy Leather in Ft. Worth. It was 110.00. We found the fabric at Joann's. It was 130.00 for it and some supplies.
 you will think I have lost my mind, but I entertained the idea of doing this as a weekend project just the two of us. 
Have you seen the show, Renovation Realities?
Bill and I are a little like that sometimes in the midst of a project. We would never be one of the couples that cuss at each other but we have been known to snip at each other.
When it came right down to it, I just didn't think we could do a good enough job.
I dropped it off at the shop in August of last year.
It was supposed to take 8 weeks but it actually took 14 weeks.
I think the shop got backed up with other stuff needing to be re-done for the holidays. I liked the little shop we worked with, but I suspect that they had other orders that had to be rushed. I was patient and polite so I think we kept getting bumped. The owner of the shop dropped it off at 6:30 the night before Thanksgiving.
He was kind of enough to get it here for the holiday. 
He doesn't know that our only guest, my mother-in- law, would not have climbed the stairs to see it.
I love the leather and fabric combination. It has a southwest flair that we have seen around furniture stores in Dallas. Bill kept saying that he couldn't believe it was the same chair. 
I don't know if he had ever fully grasped the vision, but I am glad he trusted that it could look fabulous. It wasn't a very expensive chair to begin with. We got it at one point in the 90's at a Penny's outlet center.


The leather we chose matches the loveseat and chair perfectly.

I think it looks so cute. If we had purchased retail, we would have had a tough time finding something that matched as well as this piece does. 
He calls this the mancave. I think that is stretching it a bit since it is so open to the stairwell. But it works for him. 


  1. I love the leather and fabric. The fabric reminds me of a carpet bag type! It looks great. Sort of reminds me of 'Up' chairs. Have you seen that movie? His and her chairs...It think it adds a bit of feminine style to the man cave!
    I've seen the ads on TV for The Dump...have never been.


    1. That was the idea. I cried during "Up". I loved that story. :)

  2. Hi Katie
    I am a new follower of your blog and totally enjoying it! I spent about 3 hours on it last night! thank you so much! Looking forward to your next entries :) Pamela from British Columbia

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  4. Love what you did with the chair! It was worth the wait!