Thursday, August 15, 2013

White Milk Glass

I was completely ready to do some regular old blogging again once we were done with the bathroom.  

I had a list of stuff I was going to do this summer but the bathroom zapped all the home improvement life out of me. 
The paint brushes and rollers are on hiatus much like most of my favorite T.V. shows.  
In the mean time, I have been cleaning and puttering and recovering from our trip to Alaska. 
I was ready for some calm decor and thought my milk glass fit the bill. 

This stuff is called milk glass but it isn't like antique milk glass. 
The old collectable is cool to the touch and it's a little more translucent like the rose bowl pictured below. 

If my memory is correct these little vases are reproduction milk glass from the 50s and 60s. 
The bulk of my collection seems to be made for florists to use in flower arrangements.
When I was buying this stuff up 10 years ago it was cheap!
I got most of these pieces for 99 cents.

Some were a whopping $2.99.


Sadly these are popular again.
I think because they can look modern or vintage depending on your decor. 
They have a clean graphic quality that I just love.

They are getting harder and harder to find but
I still think they are a great alternative to the more desirable and expensive ironstone.

I have a couple of lamps in milk glass. I love white lamps.


I found one early this summer at the thrift store so I snapped it up. 

Milk glass looks good in a vintage or a modern setting. 
Have you seen milk glass at your local thrift shop or antique store?

They have fun and clean silhouette. 
What do you think?
Coastal Charm 


  1. I have been falling for milk glass too.White ironstone is still my favorite but I am finding more and more milk pieces I like.

  2. I started collecting milk glass recently. I get it all secondhand, and also prefer the actual milk glass to the items that just appear to be white. The softness of the real deal is so lovely. Great collection!

  3. I started re-building a collection that I worked on for 25 years. The entire collection was in two packing boxes that literally fell off the moving truck! All smashed! So I search for estate sales, hit the only few thrift stores in the area (rural GA) and I hit the mother-load at a local thrift last week. While I adore white ironstone too, I love white milk glass and 'vintage' pieces from the 40s, 50s, and 60s right up my alley as they are AFFORDABLE. You have a great collection too!

    1. That is horrible. It is getting harder and harder to find even in suburban Dallas. I hope you can replenish your collection.