Sunday, November 3, 2013

Craft Night

Twas the night before Halloween 
and all through the house.
Three creatures were stirring 
totally not a mouse.
The crafters were crafting
all dressed in their sweats
with visions of banners 
stuck in their heads.

The glue gun was heating,
the stencils were primed.
The drop cloths were ready,
the paints all alined.

When up on the island 
their arose such a commotion.
The dog was antsy,
"What is this pre-conceived notion?"
"Why are we crafting for holidays ahead,
when the trick or treaters haven't even gone to bed?"

"Be ready, we must, for when the last door bell rings."
Black cats disappear, Thanksgiving begins!

Sometimes a craft night is in order. 
When I lamented about being home alone so much in the evenings my friend, Sara, had an idea.  
She wanted to make some banners.
You can see how to make them in this post.

She wanted some sewing tips but she already knows how to sew. She just needed a push to get the old machine out again and brush up on the old bobbin tension. 
we made a Give Thanks banner and a Jingle pillow.
The Jingle pillow is a Pottery Barn copy cat.  
Again all you need for these projects:

Drop cloths-Blue Hawk brand is my fav.
Scissors and a glue gun. 

(Sewing machine and batting and rusty, crusty jingle bells if you are making the pillow.)


  1. I really love your method of making the banner out of one piece of fabric! I guess I missed it before. I made some flag banners last year with all the individual flags cut out, but this looks simpler and really pretty!
    I liked the poem, too :)

  2. What a sweet post! And I love your banner. I don't decorate much for Thanksgiving which is a shame because it is a special holiday. I could definitely put up a banner or two to celebrate. Coming over from Between Naps on the Porch and a happy new follower. =)


  3. What a fun idea! (And cute post :)
    Love your banner and whole mantel!

  4. Your mantel looks the layered look with the banners :)

  5. It looks so pretty on your mantel, with the lights! And the poem is cute, too!