Thursday, November 7, 2013

Purple and Brown for a Thanksgiving Scheme.

I found this adorable needlepoint at some point this summer. I stuffed it in the fabric closet until I was ready for some brown again. 
I had a severe brown overdose after being obsessed with it for a few years. I gave most of my chocolate stuff away and only kept my favorite things.

I made it into this pillow last week and knew that my brown hiatus was over. 
Smitten is a word that comes to mind. 
I decided to do some Thanksgiving decorating in browns and purples out here in the sunroom. 
I had two Hydrangeas from Kroger. 
The blooms were dead on the plant but they had dried perfectly. They were a lovely shade of dusty purple. 
I have tried and tried to dry Hydrangeas myself to no avail. 
These were super cheap, well, because they were dead. 

My intent was to snip off the blooms but I decided to just leave them in the pot and make a drop cloth pot cover.

I told you about my thrifty finds last week. I found two plaid throws. I love plaid at the holidays. I couldn't believe I a saw a vintage Faribo throw in brown, purple and yellow. 
Well, I knew just had to have it to throw in the chair. 
I dropped it off at the cleaners on my way home. 

I stole Bill's papasan stool and spray painted it white. 
It was in his office but he isn't here during the week. 
Oh well!


The librarian at work was cleaning out her closet. This little microscope box was slated for the trash.

 I grabbed it and painted it with CeCe Caldwell chalk paint in Vintage White. 
I have a confession to make. I told you I didn't like chalk paint. 

I have grown to love it for small projects like this microscope box. I am about to get some more but it's pricey at $37.00 a quart. 

I did some re-potting and trimming to get my little sunroom plants ready for winter. 
I've corralled them in the box.

Love it. Maybe it will keep all the dribbling contained. 
I have been working on bringing more brown into this room.
I've also been tweaking the vignettes in here with 
a few vintage, Thanksgiving related collectables.  
 I'll keep you posted. 
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  1. Love your brown accents. It was great luck nabbing that plant already dried and that microscope box wow,it looks amazing. I'm glad you rescued it and gave it new life.Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. I'm thrilled to be following you as well.

  2. Glad you haven't tired of brown completely, because it sure looks good! You make me laugh about the cheap, dead hydrangeas, and that you stole Bill's stool -- LOL! That little box with the plants looks really nice. I'm loving the whole look!

  3. your home looks so pretty dressed for fall, katie:) i made my own chalk paint (paint plus a bit of plaster of paris), and loved it and the cost. just be sure not to breath in the pop. beautiful needlepoint pillow-love it! happy weekend!

  4. Hi Katie! I just peeked at your most recnet posts and this one stoped me in my tracks! Love that plaid throw with the gorgeous pillow in this light white room. So beautiful and cozy! So nice that you stopped by my place. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  5. Brown and purple is really a great color combo for your sunroom’s Thanksgiving theme. So what’s your plan for the coming holidays? Should I expect some green and red there? Hehe! These colors are always part of the Christmas celebrations.
    Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors