Monday, January 27, 2014

Friends In Low Places

I was so frustrated with our lower cabinets.

There was a flaw in the roll out shelf system and a few years after we bought the house, the supports started to break. 
One by one they broke and one by one I wired them back together.

It was not a perfect solution by any means but I didn't know what else to do.
The wheels have recently begun to stick so there is drag and squeaking every time I try to get something out. 
One of the most frustrating areas was the cabinet with the pots and pans. 
No matter how I tried to stack them, nest them, with lids, without lids, it was always a jumble.
It was dark in there.
I could never see what was in the back corner. 

This cabinet was not my friend. 
The other family members who help with dishwasher unloading were also frustrated with our situation.
I picked up a little shelf like thing while I was out one day and utilized it in my platter cabinet. 
I loved it so much that I thought the same type of thing could work for the pots and pans.
I realized there was freedom in getting rid of the pull out shelves. 
I bravely took them out, unscrewed the supports and put them in the trash pile. 
We are never, ever going back to that system.
I had no intention of getting out today so I started looking around the house for a solution to this cabinet's organization. 

I saw a shoe rack that I used for lunch boxes and drinks in the pantry. 
It is white like the outside of the cabinets so it will brighten up the inside and it will provide two levels of storage.
The pots fit perfectly on the shelves.

 I am thrilled.
So is my son. 
He said, "It's about time."

Almost all of the same things are back in the cabinet as in the before picture. 
The only thing I got rid of were stray storage container lids.
 I love how organized it all is.

It's so much brighter in there.

I'm so glad this cabinet and I are finally friends. 
Next up? The mixing bowls and bakeware…

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  1. So glad you made friends with the cabinet. The shoe shelf really works well! It looks great and organized!

  2. Glad you worked it out with the cabinet. I despise my pot cabinet. I have yet to find the right way to organize it.