Thursday, January 30, 2014

Water Marks on Fabric

There was a stain on our new sofa.
It looked like a little spill of some kind and it was only about the size of a quarter.

It was bugging me so I got a wet rag and started working on it. 
Big mistake!
The spot that was about the size of a quarter left a water ring about the size of a grapefruit.
So I Googled what to do. I was pretty skeptical that anything would work.
  The search said to dampen the stain.
At this point I risked my grapefruit size stain turning into a pumpkin size stain.

But I followed the intructions and wet the area around the water ring.
I covered the wet area with a white cotton cloth and ran the iron over the stain with it set on low.
I used a pillow case. 

It took a while for the iron to dry the water but it did. 
When I lifted the cloth the water marks were gone. 
I still have a faint outline of the original stain but it looks so much better with out the huge water mark. 

I'm a little disappointed that this fabric isn't a little more wash and wear. It looks like it should be.

I was afraid that it wouldn't work and I would have an even bigger water ring and that the iron would melt the fiber in the cushion of the couch. 
Neither of these happened and the Google search proved a success.

I am sort of a cushion hoarder. 
(I'm a pillow hoarder too, but that is another post.)
I never want something on one side of the cushions so I can't flip them. Does this make sense to you? 
I have two perfectly good sides to the cushions and I want it to stay that way.

We scrimped and saved to buy our first couch; a country blue camel back number. 
It was divine until the baby sitter left my toddler alone in the living room with the chocolate ice cream so she could talk on the phone with her boyfriend. 
Oh my word! It was a disaster!
Chocolate was smeared from one end of the cushion to the other. That couch got water rings too, if I recall. 

The crisis is averted with this couch and I still have two perfectly good sides for flipping freedom. 
Have a blessed day. 


  1. I have a couple of water stains on a few things and i will try out that technique for sure...the couch looks wonderful, thanks for the tip

  2. We had a stain on a new rug...called the store we purchased it from, and they sent someone to remove it. I was too nervous to try to remove it myself. Glad yours came out!