Thursday, April 10, 2014

New/Old Farmhouse Table

I can't let stuff just "be" around here.
I told you about my new to me vanity
I put it in my room but then I needed a place for the secretary. 

I put the secretary in the dining room but I thought it looked too crowded. 
So what is a girl to do?
I decided to drag (yes, drag) my kitchen table into the living room and drag my dining room table into the kitchen. 

Why I haven't done this before? 
The orange of the old oak cabinets would have been too orange with the tone of this medium color pine or I just never thought it would fit. 
It fits just fine. 

In fact it's more than fine. 
It coordinates with the pine chairs even though the chairs are darker.

It gives the kitchen a perfect farmhouse feel. 
I have already enjoyed a comfy chat with two of my children, dinners with my husband and some craft time. 

There is ample room to walk around the table. 
There is more room to walk around it in here than when it was in the dining room. 

It looks so pretty with the white cabinets.

I decided to measure the kitchen and the dining room because I'm shocked this worked.

The kitchen is only 6 inches shorter than the dining room. 

The table has some issues.

It has seen better days so 
we're debating what to do.

This piece was made using antique plans out of old barn wood. 
This trestle table was built by my dad in the 50s. 
It was refinished once in the 70s or 80s.
The value primarily is in the charm and sentiment to me. 
Do we try to take off the bread board ends and fix it?
I don't want food to get in all those cracks. 

I love how it looks and feels in the room. 
It will provide a tad more seating when we have company but the room may feel a tad cramped.
My parents went on to have the six of us, so it was really too small almost from the start.  
My siblings and our spouses have never been able to sit here all together. 
Hopefully the "cousins" will feel comfortable here at the new "kid" table even though the kids are all grown.   

Easter is our first gathering with this in the kitchen so 
we'll see how it goes.
I am working on leaves for the other table.
 I'll show it soon. 


  1. I think it's great that you move your furniture around, Katie. Things tend to stay put at my house even though they could move easily. It's so neat that your dad made it and you still have it.

  2. I love it there, Katie. And the sentimental value trumps most of the issues, I think.

  3. Good Evening Katie, Isn't it strange how we can live with something and feel it is perfect where it is and yet when we decide to make a change, we wonder why we have never made the change before.
    I love the fact that the table was made by your father and that you now enjoy sitting around the table with your family.
    Best wishes

  4. What a beautiful kitchen and home! Wow! How do you ever keep it so magazine worthy? The table is a real treasure! My home is not large enough for a farm table, but I sure do admire.

  5. Your table is beautiful as is your home, stopping by from MMS furniture feature friday

  6. I love your table in the kitchen! You're right. It really does look like a farmhouse kitchen now. That was a good idea to move it in there.

  7. I LOVE the rustic look of the wood and, I agree, it looks beautiful with your white cabinets. Like it was meant for this room! The fact that your dad made it just makes it extra special. Such a treasure.

  8. Oh I love it, what a fabulous table and it looks super in your kitchen. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love that table, it screams 'Farmhouse"

  10. Color me green! What a beautiful table! And your story only adds to the richness of the patina.

  11. I love your kitchen! I'm in love with the "Farmhouse Look". Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  12. Love how your table looks in your kitchen...perfect place for it. It will be featured at my party on Monday.