Friday, April 18, 2014

The Office/Guest Room

I haven't shown you much of the office/guest room. 

It only has one tiny window which causes it to be very dark.  I painted it Drizzle by Sherwin Williams back in 2005 when we had the big water leak.  

It was supposed to be gray but wasn't. We had new flooring and repairs to do in almost every room downstairs so this color had to stay for a while.  

Bill wanted to paint the room last year because he'd just inherited a Bluebonnet painting from his Granny Vi.

Bluebonnet paintings are highly prized by Texans. I have no earthly idea what the New York state flower even is. 
Texans learn about the Bluebonnet in infancy. 
(I am not kidding about this.)

 Gorgeous isn't it?

Bill would love to have a dark and moody office but the room is just so small.
We painted it Urban Putty by Sherwin Williams. 
Now, I've used this color in several of my rooms and loved it but it did nothing for me in here. 

We did this last April and I never even did a reveal because I was underwhelmed. 


Most of the other art didn't come back in the room so the painting could take center stage.  
It did look beautiful with the wall color.  

The problem wasn't with the wall color or the furnishings. 
I think we were both a little over creams and golds.
All of our walls were some sort of creamy yellow or olive except our bathrooms.
I've been very attracted to white rooms.
 Not pure white but white. 
Painting the room white would fix the first of a few glaring problems.
The focal point needed to be the bed even though this is an office/guest room the bed in the back corner was just creepy. 
I wouldn't have wanted to sleep with my back to the door. I'm afraid of Zombies. 
Not really. 
It's a design principle that the bed should be seen when you first walk into a room. That literally isn't always possible but the bed is usually the prettiest element and I feel most at home with our beds as the focal point. I don't know why I didn't do that 9 years ago. 

The breakfront was also not getting enough attention. 
I love this piece and it wasn't being shown to its potential. 

Yes, that is another little antique Bluebonnet painting. 

I had intended to wait until I scraped the popcorn off of the ceiling to paint the walls.
 My plan was only to rearrange the room but... as usual I got carried away.

This is only a sneak peak but already it feels so different and more us.

The shelf needs to be arranged and I need art for the back wall. 
The reveal will have to wait until that is finished. 
A collection of bird prints would look good with the Bluebonnet paintings. 
We'll see.
Have a blessed weekend. 


  1. I'm loving what you've done! That painting is gorgeous!

  2. Love the painting and the bedding! I'm sure you will get it where it feels right to you. Looks great to me. I have two unfinished bedrooms. We wanted gray and got an almost baby blue. We haven't been happy and so I just stopped the process. Maybe we'll get back to it soon. I picked up a darker gray sample tonight at Lowe's. We'll see.

    1. I hear you. That is what happened with this room for years.

  3. Katie, are you from New York originally? I can't know you can just drive down the roads right now and understand why the bluebonnet is painted over and over. :) I'm jealous of your paintings!!

    I love what you are doing in there. I was wondering if you tried moving the tiny little painting just above Granny Vi's painting to make a bluebonnet grouping?

    The bedding is wonderful and I love that grouping of blue and white china pieces on the wall. You have such pretty things to work with in there.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Yes, I am from New York! I Googled the state flower and it is the rose. The bluebonnets are gorgeous right now. We got married in April and took a road trip for our honeymoon. The sizes of the paintings are too different. I put the big one above Bill's desk but who knows I may keep moving things around.

  4. So sweet. Love the bed. It is very warm and inviting!

  5. The painting is so pretty and looks so sweet in your room. The entire space is very charming. I really like the chenille bedspread and that striped pillow is just plain fun!

  6. Love the story about bluebonnets! The bed is so sweet! I can't wait for the rest of the reveal.