Sunday, May 18, 2014

Road Trips!

Do you like road trips?
We do.

Most of our vacation destinations have been reached by car.
Money was always tight when the kids were younger so we hit the pavement instead of hitting the skies.  
We had some items that were must haves when we headed for the hills or the beach.
I was pleased to be asked by Turo formerly Relay Rides to blog about our indispensable items as part of their 
Road Trip Essentials Campaign. 
You can visit their home page here. 

Every one in our family had to bring a pillow and a blanket for the car. 

We didn't have a built in T.V. in our car so the kids entertained themselves with reading materials, 

 and music.

They thought their little Sony Walkmans were just the bomb! 

My daughter would draw and my boys would play their hand held video games.

 I love puzzles so I entertained myself with Suduko, Fill Ins and word searches.

Now I play games on my Kindle or on my phone.
Bill would nap when he wasn't driving.

But probably the most important essential for a Mansfield road trip was and is ammo. 
What is "ammo"?
The term ammo was coined by someone in my son's scout troop and it referred to snacks. 
We all had to have our favorite nibbles for a road trip.
Corn nuts
Ritz Bitz
Chocolate donuts

We had plenty to drink but not too much so no one had to go potty too often.  
Coffee is the exception to that rule. 
The driver is allowed to drink as much coffee as they want and make as many potty stops as they would like. 
It is amazing to me that this term ammo still floats around in reference to the stuff we munch on in the car years after our boys finished with boy scouts.

There is something I miss now that we've entered into the electronic age.

 I love maps. I loved being able to plot and calculate our arrival. 
Garmin (she is such a know it all) is our navigator now.
I've been known to get snarky with Garmin when she doesn't take me the way I want to go.

Don't have a car?
Maybe you don't want to put the miles on your car.
 Turo Formerly Relay Rides might be your answer. 
They are a company that offers peer to peer car leasing. 
I'd never heard of such a thing but they are in over 1900 cities and at 290 airports. 
They are doing their best to make their mark in the rent car business.
What a great way to make use of a vehicle you aren't using. 

An excursion in a vehicle offers more flexibility than flying.  
It offers an opportunity to stop along the way and see the sights or to eat the biggest steak imaginable.

Amarillo, Texas

A road trip takes planning and preparation. 
I always pack way too much stuff so Bill has to consistently remind me of the exact length of our journey!

What do you need for a road trip?
Most of the pictures for this post are from the mountains of New Mexico. 
Do you have summer vacation plans? 
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  1. I love road trips if it isn't a busy highway. But say, I would not want any of those things to fall on me.LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. from Inspire Me Tuesday. Nothing like a well planned road trip! We like to go off highway if we have time (usually we are destination and time limited) and the area seems interesting for a little local color.

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