Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shhh! I'm a Hoarder

I've been a little out of pocket this week. 
I'm in the process of switching classrooms. 
What happens when a hoarder has taken up residence for a decade?
You wouldn't believe!
As I was cleaning out bulletin board sets, I realized I'm a classroom hoarder.
I have an affinity for lost and lonely bulletin board sets that is similar to my penchant for abandoned chairs.
I used to go all out for every season and holiday and realized two years ago that I was doing that more for me rather than the kids. They don't notice. Now our bulletin boards are about the children's artwork rather than a cute factor. 
Although, they are still adorable! :)

I'm also downsizing my collection of counters, manipulatives and toys. 
If it doesn't fit in a shoe box, we don't need it. 
The children can pull one off of the shelf and it's not too overwhelming for them to clean up.
We are trying to teach them personal responsibility.

  I'm taking a bold step and giving up my desk. 
It takes up too much space.  
I'll have a smaller rolling table for my laptop and storage drawers for office supplies.
The problem is that the rolling table is UGLY.
Brown paper made to look like wood.
It may get a coat of chalk paint this summer. I just hope the paper doesn't peel off. 
I've got some projects planned and in the works for elsewhere in my classroom.
I'll be sharing the reveal in plenty of time for back to school.
I'm making a fabric pennant in different navy and blue prints.

This fabric covered milk crate will hold poems and circle time props.

I cut the plywood to size and upholstered it with batting and fabric. 

This project was a Pinterest find and only took about 15 minutes.

I'm trying to make my classroom more of a reflection of my home environment.

Currier and Ives School Blessing
Hopefully there will be some chalkboard painted accents. 
I can't wait to show you. 
I hope to be back to blogging about home stuff as soon as school is out. 


  1. You have some good ideas for your classroom. You must teach at a private school since you're able to display religious stuff. What grade do you teach? School is out in my town beginning next week. No more quiet days at home for awhile!

    1. Yes, Kelly. I teach a class of three year old students and direct an early childhood program.

  2. It's so nice that you bring all of your crafting talents into the classroom. Love the idea of making it reflect your home. I tried to do that in my office, too, and found it very comforting. It was a treat to see all of the adorable artwork in your classroom! Looking forward to the classroom reveal!