Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Stairwell and Entry Reveal

Hi everybody.
I'm so excited to show you the painted foyer and stairwell.  
I told you the other day that Bill really does not like to paint. When I mentioned that it was time to paint the stairwell and the entry he decided we should hire a friend of his that does painting on the side. I am afraid of heights so this was a total workable situation. 

The old paint was a very creamy off white. 

The new paint is Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams. 
It isn't a stark white but has gray undertones.
My family has been busting me about decorating with so much white. When Bill and I first got married our first house was very off white or almond. We painted almost everything white. After twenty or so years we were sick of white so we painted everything antique white.

Now we are back to white. It is just a natural progression and evolution of our taste and mood.  
The entry way was finished by Sunday evening so we could begin to put things back together.

We wanted a change on the dresser. The lamp and basket came from Target. Bill thought I did some sort of fancy finish to a thrift store lamp. 
He came home and said, "Tell me about this lamp." 
"Umm, I bought it at Target." There is no great story here.  

It made me giggle. I guess too many things around here have a story.

I set it on an old wood window corner trim piece that we picked up at Old Home Supply in Fort Worth. It's a great store if you are in the area.  

The dining room color looks great with it.

The stairwell looked huge with nothing in it. 
We didn't want to put the gallery of family photos back up nor did we want the faded blue curtains. 
This Audubon heron print from the Salvation Army in a old gold frame looks simple and elegant. 
The print was only $1.99.

I spray painted the brackets for the handrail oil rubbed bronze. It is amazing the difference that one little touch made. 

The curtain is a linen blend from Tuesday Morning. 
It was on clearance for $24.00. It is a 94 inch length.
The curtain rod is also O.R.B.

I still need to paint the room at the top of the stairs. That's on my list for this summer.

Bill asked me if we had to have furniture at the top of the landing. 
"Yes, we do."
Bill: "I paid for the paint and I paid for the painter. 
Don't I get some say?"
"Wait, did I pay for the paint?"
Me: "Yes, yes you did.

It was nice for a change to have someone paint for me. 

I love it. 


  1. It is scary in regards to the height! I really love that portrait of the women over the dresser. She really looks pretty with the new paint. xoxo

  2. I'm also painting almost everything white :) My kids are the ones who bothered me about this but, oh well, I like it! Your entry looks fabulous! I also love the portrait over the dresser and the lamp, pretty!

  3. How funny that your husband automatically asked for the story behind the lamp!

    Kelly from

  4. Katie, I do love white - but I couldn't pull it off with the family ;) LOVE your pics! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,