Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kitchen Shelves Revealed

Hi everybody!
The kitchen shelves are done.

We love it. I never thought we could get away with having shelves for our dish storage. 
I never thought they could replicate the storage we had in our old behemoth of a cabinet. 
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The old cabinet was 48 inches wide. It had no soffit above or cabinets next to it in order to help support the weight. In my opinion it was too big and too heavy to be floating in the middle of a wall.

Once the cabinet was removed, I was able to see exactly what caused this. It looked like the cabinet sides and front were pulling away from the back. If the side and doors had given way there would have been nothing supporting the shelves and they would have crashed to the floor. 

At first I was sad this happened to the cabinet we just painted less than two years ago but Bill immediately commented that he loved how open the kitchen looks.

He loves feeling like he is not going to get bonked in the head with a cabinet door that someone (me) has left open. 

The Behemoth provided tons of storage but I was able to relocate all of the old and antique glassware to the dining room. 

We needed storage for the remaining glasses, bowls and several sizes of plates. Random jars got recycled or moved to the laundry room. 
How many empty Prego jars does one person need? 

The shelves looked oddly unfinished so a trip back to Pinterest revealed that a board in between the brackets helped make everything look balanced and complete.

Every crack and crevice got a bead of caulk and a coat of Dover White Semigloss Enamel from Sherwin Williams. I had enough leftover from painting the cabinets.
I love this color. It reads white but isn't stark. 

These took two days to dry completely. 
They look a little too glossy but the shine will diminish over time as the enamel dries and cures.

The top shelf is for stuff we never use. 
I can't reach it so therefore it isn't practical for every day but the room looked odd without it. 

I thought maybe the shelves would bother me as the dish supply became depleted 
in-between the cycles of the dish washer. 
I love it full and in various stages of depletion.

We ordered a few more white plates and bowls from Replacements Ltd.  

Bill did say that he wasn't sure this would be a viable option if we still had kids at home. 
I don't know, but so far this is working for the two of us. 
Everything has a place and nothing extra is getting set on the shelves.
This wasn't a very expensive fix.
The total cost for the brackets and the boards was less than $80.00.

I love it!
Have a great day.
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  1. Katie, your shelves look fantastic! Aren't you kind of glad the behemoth was falling off now? They make your kitchen seem bigger and fresh. I love the look.

    Um, can we make the behemoth above my desk fall off?

  2. Hi Katie,
    Love your open shelves. They make your kitchen look so much bigger and brighter. I love my open shelves too. I was like you and worried I would not like seeing the dishes at different stages but I like the variety it gives. Great job.

  3. I love the open shelves. I think you have a real farmhouse look. I love it!

  4. I just love the way your shelving looks, Katie! Your room looks as though it was designed that way. Some household disasters turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and that seems to be the case with yours. I love the look!

  5. Your shelves look really nice, Katie ~ I love the style of the brackets. Great Job!

  6. Oh I love the new look! It creates openness in your kitchen. It's unbelievable how one board made such a difference! Beautiful job!

  7. Love the look of your new shelves. It really opens up your kitchen. I've been thinking of doing this myself but my husband s not of the same mind.

  8. Your open shelving adds so much to your kitchen. Love the farmhouse touches with your pretty mason jars. You have a great kitchen layout, very pretty!

  9. LOVE the open shelves!! Your whole kitchen looks fresh and pretty. Hope you're having a good weekend, Katie!


  10. Love the open shelving and seeing your pretty blue jars. Your kitchen layout is very nice. I've been thinking about doing the same but Mr. C is putting up a fight. I love the bracketts you used!

  11. Your open shelves look wonderful! I love the openness there is now and the fact that your window isn't boxed in. Popping over from Treasure Hunt Thursday :)

  12. Oh I just love it Katie ! ( how many prego jars does one need - laughing my head off here LOL !!! )
    I don't miss having upper cabinets either - not at all !
    Beautiful makeover!