Monday, August 11, 2014

If You Give Katie A Dresser

Our history of furniture acquisition is a lot like the beloved children's book. Our house is sometimes the last stop on the bus line for family owned furniture. I've spent the last 30 years shuffling and shifting around dressers and other pieces to make them work. It isn't that I don't like new things, I do. We just haven't had that many new things and people like giving us stuff. We appreciate everything we have been given. 
Conversely, when I get new things, I'm frustrated because I can't shift and shuffle them around. 
I know! I know! 
I'm sure rather than look eclectic, it has looked rather junky at times and that was before junky was in.  

I've craved spaces that are somewhat matching the last few years. This dresser ended up in my garage about a year ago. 
Bill's sister gave it to Bekah. Bekah preferred to have the Victorian dresser that had been in her room all during her childhood. I completely understood. 
She likes a sentimental and eclectic look.
The bed is in our attic but the dressers had no where to go. 
 I love the amount of storage in this piece - five wonderful drawers. 
It didn't really go with our stuff but I knew I could make it work with some paint. 
This is solid furniture probably from the 40s but the finish had faded quite a bit. It looked too big when it was brown.
It recedes a little now that it is white. 

 I know it must feel like everything is getting painted white around here.
My sister in law wonders what else I could possibly paint.
(My brother's wife, not one of my husband's sisters.They may wonder too.) 
I honestly don't know. I think I'm done until something else ends up in my garage. 

This is a great piece but Bill didn't want to keep it "as is".
I didn't want to get rid of an opportunity to have five drawers! I love the lines and the simplicity of it. I just didn't love it brownish red. 

This is a better scale and an upgrade from the piece that was in here before.

I left the top stained to go with our bed and coordinate with my vanity.

The goal was to have the ceiling scraped of popcorn before showing this room again but my popcorn scraping days are over for the summer. It's too hot to be up near the ceiling and 
I go back to work today!

I love the contrast of light and dark in this piece with the dark bed and white bedding.

The planter is a crate from a antique toy sewing machine.  

The pulls were probably bright brass but they have patinated beautifully. 

The other dresser looks adorable in Jonnie's old room.

I'll show that room in another post. The ceiling is scraped in there. I just have to finish it up and photograph it. 
The domino effect all got sorted out and this chapter of the book is closed. 
Stay tuned for the next edition...
"When Katie Buys A Mirror" or "When Bill Wants A New Chair."


  1. I love the new white color on your dresser! It looks perfect in your bedroom. I like how you left the top dark too. It picks up the dark color in the hardware on front. Good luck with your first day back to work today.

  2. Keep painting girl! If it makes you happy that's all that matters. :)

  3. Looks how it turned out!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  4. What a great piece. It looks really great in your bedroom!

  5. Oh i love this piece, and the storage is fabulous.

  6. love the new old dresser repainted. Your bed is lovely too. I'm new to your blog and see you are a fellow North Texas blogger. yea!